Winter is beginning to creep in and many food truck owners in cold weather cities are beginning the process of transitioning their food truck business plans. As fewer people are willing to spend 10 to 15 minutes in line in near freezing temperatures, mobile food vendors find that a food truck catering job is the best way for them to continue with year round sales.

While listing that your truck offers catering services on your website, marketing literature and the side of your truck are great first steps but getting consistent food truck catering jobs takes a little more work.

Finding Your Next Food Truck Catering Job

A great way to track down your next food truck catering job is by getting your food into the minds and stomachs of local businesses by creating meetings with these business owners. Take a small sampling of some of your food truck menu along with you to give them a taste of what you’re capable of.

These freebies can make a huge difference when you are selling the catering side of your mobile food business. People are far more likely to remember you, especially when your food is delicious.

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Building real relationships with businesses in your local area takes great salesmanship and effort. Be prepared to put the work in. Here are a few ideas for local targets to personally network with and to deliver your food truck’s catering menu to:

  • Law offices. Visit law offices and hand out your menu, as well as a coupon for a free meal. Invite the receptionist to sample your lunch catering menu. Legal teams are a great target market because of long depositions and late hours. There is often a need for catering in law offices throughout the day and evening.
  • Ad Agencies. Like law offices, large ad agencies tend to work long hours when they have a campaign to work on. They often don’t want to break focus and regularly outside cater for corporate events.
  • Banks and financial offices. Financial institutions represent a lot of workers who work closely together. Banking hours are often long and they have a definite need for outside catering. They are also big on corporate events and meetings.

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The Bottom Line

We hope these suggestions help your next food truck catering job and expands your ties to your local community. If you have any additional suggestions to the types of businesses that are good for catering business, please feel free to add them in the comment section below or social media. Twitter | Facebook

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