As summer draws closer prospective food truck customers are headed to the closest lake or ocean. It doesn’t matter if they sail or have a power boat, food is always part of the equation. It’s like inviting people to your home and failing to have snacks. If you haven’t expanded your food truck catering to boat owners, it may just be time to do that.

Making drop off catering packages available to boat owners is a great way to expand your food truck empire and grow your ties with your local community.

Getting out on to the lake is an ordeal; kids, guests, fuel, ice, beer, water, cleaning, food, etc., etc.

If your food truck can simplify that process for these people, not only can you create a new revenue stream, for your business, but you’re your new customers will start spreading the word about your catering offerings to all of their friends and family.

3 simple steps to start food truck catering to boat owners:

Put together a per person catering menu

Offer up canned drinks and ice. Boat owners have more disposable income than the average person. If you package and market it properly, you can have a nice catering profit stream during the summer months.

Contact local area marinas

The marinas in your area have direct access to each and every boat owner as well as their contact info. If they don’t provide catering services themselves, they’d probably be happy to refer your food truck business for a small finder’s fee for each catering gig you line up.

Get your staff to promote this service

Your truck is on the street almost daily, why not share your new catering offering with your menu. While every customer may not have a boat, they may know someone who does and in most cases will refer you free of charge to their friends and family.

If you have local parking spots that is on the way to the lake, make sure and have a nice banner or sign to promote your Boat Catering packages.

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The Bottom Line

Building up your catering profit center doesn’t have to be difficult. By using small niches like food truck catering to boat owners can increase your catering sales without spending much on marketing.

Have you catered to a boat marina in your area? What are some of the issues you ran into? We’d love to hear your story. Share your thoughts and ideas on this topic in the comment section, our food truck forum or social media. Twitter | Facebook