Seafood, Korean, and traditional tacos being served from a food truck were the bulk of the nearly 2,000 votes cast in part 1 of our 2014 best food truck taco contest started 2 weeks ago. And today we are proud to announce our Top 15 and opening up part two.

food truck tacos

We received votes from around the world, but for this poll we could only select the food trucks with the 15 most votes submitted. We will be running this poll for the next two weeks and will close it out on Friday, March 14st at 12 PM (midnight) Central Time. The winning truck will be profiled here at Mobile Cuisine and will hold the title of Best Food Truck Taco for 2014.

This years contestants are:

Baja Taco Truck – Boston, MA @BajaTacoTruck

BC Tacos – Broward County, FL @BCTaco

Box of Chacos – Ft. Lauderdale, FL @boxofchacos

Dia de los Tacos – Marquette, MI @tacosmqt

El Gastronomo Vagabundo – St Catharines, Ontario @elgastronomo

Fat Cactus – Austin, TX @fatcactusatx

Happy’s Taco Shop – Boyne City, MI @happystacoshop

Indios Carbonsitos – Kansas City, KS @indioscrbnstos

Jefe’s Original Fish Taco and Burger – Miami, FL @jefesoriginal

Lloyd Taco Truck – Buffalo, NY @whereslloyd

Taceaux Loceaux – New Orleans, LA @TLNola

Taco Lassi – Indianapolis, IN @tacolassi

What The Fork – Scranton, PA @WTForkTruck

Woody’s Taco Island – Baltimore, MD @WoddysTacos

Yayo’s OMG – Nashville, TN @yayosomg

Poll is closed!

Please note, if you have issues voting with the polling software, you can submit your vote to [email protected]. We will only allow one vote per individual and from time to time, the software can block users from voting based on their ip address.