It has been a long year, and many things have happened over the course of the last 12 months. In the mobile food industry we saw the same type of growth around the world as we have seen since it’s rebirth in 2008.

2012 Rookie of the YearFor the second year in a row, we are conducting a contest to find out who our readers feel is the food truck rookie of the year. Last year’s contest was won by the the Staff Meal Truck out of Boston, MA. This year we had numerous submissions from around the country, and today, we are opening the the voting to help us determine who will be the Mobile Cuisine 2012 Food Truck Rookie of the Year.

We would like to thank all of those who voted for their choice of rookie food truck of the year. We originally had planned on only allowing 15 trucks into this poll, but due to the fact that we had a large number of trucks tied with over 50 votes each, we have opened this poll up to 18 trucks. Voting will remain open until Friday, 1/18/2013 at midnight Central time. Once the votes are counted we will announce the winner the following week.

Once the poll is closed, the truck with the most votes will be declared our winner.

Not only will the truck(s) lay claim to the title of 2012 Food Truck Rookie of the Year , the winning truck will have a profile interview posted on Mobile Cuisine.

Good luck to the contestants…and let the voting begin!!!

NOTE: Because we have had some issues with our polling system and individuals not being able to submit votes, we will provide the form below or email us at: [email protected] to allow you to submit your choice. We are only accepting 1 vote per ip address, so we will be monitoring the results and only count a single vote per submission from the polling system or through email.

UPDATE: The Polling is Closed. Thank you to all of the competitors as well as the voters. We will be sharing the results early next week.