The scope of the modern mobile food truck menu continues to evolve. However, there is an area that has grown in importance and complexity. As the public embraces global and regional cuisines being sold from trucks, the role of sandwiches has become more prominent. Besides offering mobile chefs an additional area of creativity, they are also typically high-margin menu contributors.

Sandwiches, as a rule, have not been held in the same culinary respect as other foods, but on many of today’s food trucks the humble sandwich is not quite so humble. Food truck operators now work to create the perfect sandwich, attempting to balance richness and acidity, moistness and crunch, sweet and sour. If sandwiches are on your menu the quality you serve will help to define your food truck.

A sandwich is defined as two or more slices of bread with a filling between them. However, we know open-faced sandwiches, with only one slice of bread; rolled sandwiches, made with flour or corn tortillas; and even pizza are nothing more than types of sandwiches. Considering that food truck cuisine is often global, we need to broaden the Eurocentric definition of a sandwich and embrace a worldview. Sandwiches often are simple, quick, and easy to assemble.

Building The Perfect Sandwich On Your Food Truck

Types of Sandwiches

Sandwich_002Sandwiches continue to evolve as food truck owners work to broaden their culinary global horizons. A variety of ingredients are used to make sandwiches, depending on the occasion and style. The following list describes types of sandwiches:

Closed sandwich—The filling ingredients are served between two or more slices of breads, or stuffed in a roll or flatbread.

Open-faced sandwich—Made with one slice of bread, these sandwiches may be hot or cold and similar in design to a canapé.

Griddled sandwich—A griddled sandwich is cooked on a griddle, grill, or sandwich press until the bread is toasted, the cheese is melted, and the interior is heated. These include grilled cheese sandwiches, melts, Reubens, Cubans, quesadillas, and panini.

Cold sandwich—A cold sandwich is typically dressed with some type of mayonnaise spread and filled with sliced meats, vegetables, and/or cheese. These sandwiches are known by a variety of regional names, such as deli-style, hoagie, and submarine. A few types of cold sandwiches are made with three or more pieces of bread (multidecker).

Hot sandwich—A hot sandwich is an open-faced or closed sandwich with a hot filling. Examples of hot sandwiches include the hamburger, most po’boys, open-faced hot turkey or hot roast beef sandwiches, tacos, and vada pav.