Unlike franchise restaurant owners, most likely you do not will have a professionally prepared operations or food manual that contains everything you need to run and operate your mobile food business. Since you have started your own food truck, you will need to do all of this yourself.

A food manual is a record of all of your recipes for the menu items you are serving from your food truck.

Your Food Truck Food Manual Should Contain:

  • The specifications for the raw ingredients, cook times and temperature for each item and the size of each portion.
  • Preparation procedures.
  • Holding times and temperatures.
  • Procedures for handling left-overs.
  • Food storage procedures.
  • Food safety procedures.
  • Food cost for each portion and suggested price.

If you want to be able to give a nutritional analysis of each menu item or dish, this can be done with software or a private food testing lab. Having this written down for all of your menu items will help you keep consistency in your menu and it will be a great help if you have a change of cooks or chefs.

Do you have a food manual for your food truck? What do you have in yours that we left out? Share your thoughts in the comment section below or on social media. Facebook | Twitter