Mobile Cuisine is approached by many of the new food truck owners around the country via phone and email. We have found that many of these new mobile entrepreneurs do not have extensive backgrounds in the culinary world. Many of the questions we are asked tend to be related to the operation and start-up of a food truck, but some of the other questions we are asked are related to culinary basics.

Because of this, the staff at Mobile Cuisine has decided to add some content available to all of our readers to assist them with some of these culinary questions. In today’s article we are going to look at seafood, and how to determine how to purchase fresh seafood for your food truck customers.

How To Buy Fresh Seafood For Your Food Truck


  • Beware of Soggy Seafood: Fresh seafood looks firm and shiny, not soggy.  Sogginess indicates that the seafood has been processed, which typically means it was a lesser quality product to begin with and won’t be pleasing to the seafood lover’s palate.
  • Look Your Fish in the Eye: A fish’s eye is a clear indicator of its freshness.  Cloudy eyes indicate that the fish has been on the shelf for a couple of days, whereas clear eyes indicate a recent catch.
  • Look for Fresh Flesh: Vibrantly colored flesh on a fish is a strong indicator of freshness.  The color of a fish should not appear dull.  Fresh fish will be vibrant, glistening and firm to the touch.  Handle the fish, if possible.  Any indentation you make with your hands should spring back immediately.  Bright red gills are another indication of freshness.
  • Beware of Fishy Fish: Fresh seafood should smells like the sea.  If seafood has a sour “fish” smell, do not buy it.
  • Beware of Mislabeled Packaging: Fish may be the most frequently mislabeled food in your food providers store.  Be sure to familiarize yourself with what each species of fish looks like. You will begin to notice small differences in color, markings, body shapes, fins, gils, etc that you may not notice the first time you attempt.
  • Bargains can be Bad: If seafood is being offered at bargain basement prices, there is a strong likelihood it probably isn’t fresh.  Although some fish and seafood are less expensive than others, if the price seems to be too good to be true, it probably is.

We hope this article was helpful in determining if you are purchasing fresh seafood for your food truck dishes. If you have additional information in regards to this topic, please share it with our readers in the comment section below or on social media. Facebook | Twitter