Many of the food trucks traversing the streets use cooking oil to prepare the food they serve. Dealing with used cooking oil can be a problem if you don’t know what to do with it.

How To Discard Your Food Truck’s Used Cooking Oil

Depending on your volume and location, you can likely get free pickup of used cooking oil (called “yellow grease”) and may even be able to sell it as small but welcome additional revenue stream.

There are plenty of vendors interested in yellow grease, ranging from large companies to food and delivery trucks running on bio-fuel, that paying for carting these days should be a last resort. The vendors are able to start-up their oil filtering business by purchasing the filters and pumps to clean the oil can for about about $700.

If you look at the price of diesel fuel these days they are able to convert it and save about $120 a week in fuel costs.

Another reason for donating used cooking oil is that it is the most significant thing a food truck can do if they are interested in the environment and being green. Bio diesel emissions are 90% less toxic than petroleum based diesel.

Use a licensed and insured used cooking oil vendor and get on a regular schedule. One 35-pound carton of frying oil yields about five gallons of used cooking oil. To fill a 55-gallon drum, calculate, on average how long it takes your food truck operation to go through 12 containers of oil (keeping in mind the last one is in the fryer) and schedule pickups accordingly.

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