I guess you could say being in culinary school has taught me a thing or two about how to look professional when walking into a kitchen. Every day, food truck owners strive to show how professional they are as well.

Since your customers can usually see into the truck’s kitchen, this idea should extend into how you and your employees present yourselves. The first step in the process should be keeping your uniform as clean and pressed as possible.

Look Professional In Your Food Truck Kitchen

Here are some tips & tricks to keeping your entire food truck staff uniforms (even if it’s jeans and a tee shirt) in tip-top shape and look professional.

  • Instant Stain Removers – This is a must-have when it comes to those stains that your food truck kitchen dishes out. They are easy to use and keeps the stain from setting. That way when you go to wash it, like magic, it disappears!
  • Ironing- As cliche as it may seem, it definitely one that works. Bringing out the old iron board that’s tucked away in the garage, will keep your uniform looking crisp and sharp. If you happen to be someone who own an iron (and refuses to spend a few bucks to get one), a great alternative are the sprays that help de-wrinkle clothing as they come out of the drier.
  • Apron – The apron is basically a shield, you WILL use it to battle off stains, and is essential to keep you clean throughout your shift. (on a food safety note, be sure to take your apron off every time you leave the truck. Who knows what you could run up against and bring into your clean kitchen)

Remember that a chef’s uniform is more than a fashion statement. Each component plays a specific role in protecting you from the potential dangers common in most food truck kitchens.

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The Bottom Line

Professionals in other fields who have an opportunity to wear a uniform know that it represents history and pride. The food truck workers uniform represents the work and dedication of the generations that came before us. Chefs who built our industry and defined what great cooking means.  We must, as professionals, respect that history and show our pride by ensuring our uniforms are always clean, crisp and complete.  Let the world know that you are proud of your profession and food truck business and look professional.

Do you have any additional tips on how to look professional while working in your food truck? We’d love to hear them. You can share them in the comment section or through social media. Facebook | Twitter