Since we have started covering the Meatless Monday program on Mobile Cuisine, we have received a number of letters asking for more information on vegetarianism for those who have decided that one meatless day a week wasn’t enough for them. Today’s article will give these individuals basic nutritional information for vegetarians via the vegetarian food pyramid.

Basic Vegetarian Food Pyramid Facts

The vegetarian food pyramid is very similar to the food pyramid that has recently been changed by the federal government. In place of meat it will list the legumes and nuts that are an alternative protein to animal products. It also replaces the fiber category with a vegetable and fruit category at the bottom of the pyramid. This is possible because of the high fiber content of most fruits and vegetables. It is not necessary to add fiber as a separate tier on the pyramid.

Be aware that the regular vegetarian food pyramid is not suitable for strict vegans since the dairy products listed are not within their guidelines. Replacing dairy with soy products, for example, is an alternative. The main difference between the vegan food pyramid and the vegetarian food pyramid would be the addition of breads and grains instead of dairy or egg products.

The food pyramid is an excellent reference for those trying to determine their nutritional needs. If you are concerned about getting the right foods in the right amounts, you should take a look at the pyramid and plan your diet accordingly. The vegetarian pyramid gives you serving amounts daily just as the traditional food pyramid does so you will be able to determine if you are getting the right amounts.

Just as the traditional one does, the vegetarian food pyramid provides you, not only with serving the right amounts, but also the limits. Oils, fats, sweets and salts should be sparingly used as they are right on the pyramid’s top. This then can be the best healthiest diet.

The food pyramid that a vegetarian follows is a graphic representation of the healthy components of their diet. When the food pyramid is followed religiously, you can be assured that your diet is as nutritious as it could be. This is a great way for dieters, who also follow a vegetarian diet, to design their food plan to get the proper nutrition while they are trying to lose weight.

People choose a vegetarian diet for many reasons and healthy nutrition is right at the top of the list. It can be a little more difficult for a vegetarian to get the nutrition they need without the inclusion of meat, but as the pyramid shows, it can be done. The effort that is expended on planning your food consumption will be rewarded with a greater degree of health and longevity. Most vegetarians are noticeably healthier than their meat eating counterparts.

The vegetarian food pyramid can be a helpful resource and diet planning aid for those who are just beginning the vegetarian lifestyle. The newcomer will have a greater understanding of the nutritional aspects of the diet as well as being more aware as to what is needed to maintain this healthier lifestyle. The transition towards a healthier diet is easier than ever, due to the amount of information that is available. You will discover that an all-around improvement in your health by becoming a vegetarian is delicious and easy.

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