Food truck owners are always looking to save as much money as they can to help keep their profits up. Food waste is one area that can help this cause that often overlooked. Starting today, we will filter in some handy cost saving tips that you can use to keep your food yield as high as possible.

Tip of the Day: Rejuvenate Crystallized Honey

Have you ever open a jar of honey to find that it’s turned into an awful looking crystallized mass? Use this tip to bring rejuvenate crystallized honey:

  • Place the jar in a bowl of hot water until the honey is smooth and runny, this should only take 5 to 10 minutes.

To prevent having to rejuvenate crystallized honey again, make sure you keep your honey in a cool, dry place (not the refrigerator) and what ever you do, avoid the introduction of moisture.

If you have any tips you think could help save food truck owners save some money, let us know via email, Twitter or Facebook.