An old trick chefs use to steady a mixing bowl is to nest it on a damp towel coiled into a ring. We first saw an awesome product at the 2012 NRA Show that adapts this concept that makes this kitchen tool a ‘must have’ for food truck owners. The Staybowlizer  is a sturdy silicone ring that provides a stable base; its no-slip surface grips the bowl, leaving both hands free to mix or pour ingredients – or even do both at once.

Designed with the culinary arts professional in mind, The Staybowlizer is a device that is used to secure bowls of all shapes and sizes from unwanted movement across a diverse range of applications.

Consider the Staybowlizer a ‘third hand’ in the kitchen, and a most welcome replacement to the ‘damp-towel’ method of bowl steadying so commonly used by chefs the world over. Mix, whisk and whip with the freedom of always having the other hand available to precisely add ingredients to the mixture without missing a ‘beat’.

The Staybowlizer Applications:

the staybowlizerCommon problems are often best served by simple solutions. Such is the case with Staybowlizer. The device’s design provides users two methods with which they can go about securing a bowl. In its primary orientation (logo-side facing up), a bowl set within the Staybowlizer is cradled with a full 360 degrees of support.

The resulting friction from the contact between the outside wall of the bowl and the face of the ring provides outstanding lateral stability for the bowl allowing it to beset securely in both level and tilted positions. Alternatively, a user may elect to use the Staybowlizer in its secondary orientation by flipping the device over (logo-side facing down).

When a bowl is set atop the Staybowlizer in this orientation and the user places each hand on opposing sides of the bowl’s rim and exerts even downward pressure, the device’s lower flange will collapse and a suction lock will then be created between the bowl, device and surface.

Made of FDA-approved silicone, it is dishwasher safe and heat-resistant to 500°F/260°C, so it can be placed over a pot of boiling water to support a smaller pot, forming a simple double-boiler. Fits bowls with a minimum 6″ bottom diameter and best of all Staybowlizer is guaranteed for life.

Damage this kitchen tool, and send it back to its manufacture and they will replace it.