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For today’s Did You Know we will look at Brandied Fruit fun facts.

Brandied Fruit Fun Facts: Brandy is distilled from fruits such as grape, apple, blackberry, apricot and so on. Based on the region and the fruit, brandy can be divided into several categories. Cognac, Armagnac, American Brandies, and fruit brandies.

  • The word brandy originally comes from the Dutch word brandewijn, which means burnt wine.
  • Long before the 16th century, wine was a popular product for trading in European region. In the early 16th century, a Dutchman trader invented the way to ship more wine in the limited cargo space by removing water from the wine. Then he could add the water back to the concentrated wine at the destination port in Holland.
  • Brandied fruit is used as topping on pies and ice cream.
  • Most brandy is 80 proof (40% alcohol/volume) and has been enjoyed for centuries as a cocktail and cooking ingredient.
  • October 20th is National Brandied Fruit Day.

To make your own brandied fruit, all you need is ripened fruit, sugar, and brandy (the higher the quality, the better).

  • Wash the fruit, peel off any skin, and slice if necessary.
  • Fill half a container with brandy and add the fruit.
  • For each cup of fruit you add, stir in 1/6 cup of sugar. Make sure all the fruit is submerged in the mixture, cover the container, and store it in a dark place.
  • You can continue to add fruit at any time. Your brandied fruit will be cured after a couple of months.

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Reference: Wikipedia: Fun Facts about Brandied Fruit.

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