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Cordon Bleu fun facts: The term “Cordon Bleu” (by itself) relates to a special order of French knights (originally a wide blue ribbon worn by members of the highest order of knighthood). Presumably, by association, cordon bleu as it relates to recipes (as in, chicken cordon bleu…boneless breast of chicken wrapped around cheese and thinly sliced ham) also originated in France as dishes of distinguished classes.

  • The dish did not originate at any of the prestigious Cordon Bleu cooking schools of Europe as often thought. It is not exactly clear who was the first person to prepare and name the dish chicken cordon bleu.
  • April 4th is National Cordon Bleu Day.
  • The earliest reference to veal cordon bleu in The Los Angeles Times was published in 1958. It is listed among the trendy dishes served at a swank affair: “Veal cordon bleu will be the piece de resistance on the menu.”
  • The oldest reference in the NYT for chicken cordon bleu is also an United Airlines, circa 1967: “Top Sirloin. Fine Wine. Color Movies. This is Coach? United’s Blue Carpet to California. Blue Carpet is the best reason for flying Coach on your vacation to Los Angeles or San Francisco. What’s in it for you? Top Sirloin Steak-or Chicken Cordon Bleu, if you wish-prepared by our own European-trained chefs. Champagne or fine red wine (at nominal cost)…Even a special children’s menu.”
  • There are many regional dishes from Europe that share characteristics with Chicken Cordon Bleu. Some of the countries that include roulades, or roll ups of meat, in their cuisine are Germany, France and Italy. Almost all of them are based on veal or chicken wrapped around stuffing, another meat, cheese or a combination of any of these. Many of them are then breaded and fried. The names and recipes vary widely, but their connection to the dish is apparent.

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