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Deviled Egg Fun Facts: Deviled eggs or eggs mimosa are hard-boiled eggs, shelled, cut in half and filled with the hard-boiled egg’s yolk mixed with other ingredients such as mayonnaise and mustard, but many other variants exist internationally. Deviled eggs are usually served cold. They are served as a side dish, appetizer or a main course, and are a common holiday or party food.

  • The term “deviled”, in reference to food, was in use in the 18th century. The first known print reference appearing in 1786. In the 19th century, it came to be used most often with spicy or zesty food, including eggs prepared with mustard, pepper or other ingredients stuffed in the yolk cavity.
  • The deviled egg originated in ancient Rome. Eggs were boiled, seasoned with spicy sauces and then typically served at the beginning of a meal.
  • Sonya Thomas holds the record for eating 65 Hard Boiled Eggs in 6 minutes 40 seconds.

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Key Date

  • November 2nd is National Deviled Egg Day.

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Reference: Wikipedia facts about Deviled Eggs.

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