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For today’s Did You Know we will look at Gazpacho fun facts.

Gazpacho Fun Facts: Gazpacho is a cold raw vegetable soup from southern Spain. The main ingredients are tomatoes, peppers, onions, cucumbers, garlic olive oil, and usually breadcrumbs or garlic croutons.

  • The name gazpacho is of Arabic origin and meals ‘soaked bread.’  Note that 2 of the main ingredients, tomatoes and peppers, were not available until after the discovery of the New World.
  • December 6th is National Gazpacho Day.
  • Gazpacho should be drunk slightly chilled, but not iced. There should no need to supplement it with a drink, unless you really want to savour it with a glass of dry sherry.
  • Rumor has it that, before leaving on his first voyage, Christopher Columbus loaded his ships up with barrels of this old mixture.
  • Gazpacho is traditionally made in a mortar and the bread is ideal when it is about a week old. The bread and vegetable mixture is pounded to a paste, and then you begin to add the tomatoes, then the olive oil, and finally the vinegar, tasting all the time to make sure you’ve got it right. The tomatoes should always go through a sieve so there are no seeds in the finished dish.

Gazpacho Fun Facts We May Have Missed

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Reference: Wikipedia facts about Gazpacho.

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