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For today’s Did You Know we will look at Greasy Food fun facts.

Greasy Food Fun Facts: Greasy food affects your health in many negative ways. First of all, it makes you gain weight. Weight gain can lead to obesity, which can lead to high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, and even death. Secondly, greasy food has high cholesterol. Again, this can lead to serious problems, especially because cholesterol buildup can block the blood flow in your arteries, leading to heart failure or causing a stroke.

  • If you eat too much grease, your liver can’t clean out all of the fat. There’s simply too much for it. Therefore, the fat in the greasy foods will build up in your liver and gall bladder, and you could get gallstones.
  • Fried chicken is the most ordered meal in sit-down restaurants in the U.S.
  • October 25th is National Greasy Foods Day.
  • Researchers have found that the consumption of fatty acids activates regions of the brain regions that regulate emotions and can reduce feelings of sadness by about half.

How greasy food can be a cure for hangovers:

  • Eggs contain large amounts of cysteine, an amino acid that helps neutralize and break down the hangover-inducing toxin acetaldehyde in the liver.
  • Hot peppers, a common egg accomplice, contain salicylates, a compound that is also the basis of aspirin.
  • Bacon contains a lot of amino acids, which helps replenish depleted neurotransmitters.

Greasy Food Facts We Missed

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