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For today’s Did You Know we will look at Lager fun facts.

Lager Fun Facts: Bottom fermenting yeast is used in the fermentation process for lager. Lagers ferment at a colder temperature than ales and generally take weeks longer to ferment out than ales. Characteristically lagers are typically clearer, cleaner and crisper tasting than ales and are meant to be drunk at a colder temperature. (40-50 degrees Fahrenheit)

  • Lager styles include Pilsners,  Helles, Dunkels, Bocks, Schwarzbiers and Oktoberfests (to name a few).
  • December 10th is National Lager Day.
  • The first US lager was brewed in 1840 by John Wagner, who had a small brewery in the back of his house on St. John Street in Philadelphia. Wagner brought the first lager yeast to the United States from a brewery in Bavaria.
  • The Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock, not because it was their intended destination (they were on course to sail well south), but they settled on the destination up north simply because they ran out of beer.
  • Most lagers are fairly light in color, highly carbonated with a medium hop flavor. The original German lager was dark in color.
  • Beer is the 3rd most consumed beverage in the world behind water and tea.
  • King Gambrinus is known as the “patron saint of beer” (not to be confused with St. Arnold, the patron saint of brewing).
  • The oldest known written recipe is for beer.
  • Lager beer is the dominant beer style throughout the brewing world today, except in England where Ale is the primary style of beer consumed in England.
  • Cenosillicaphobia is the fear of an empty glass.

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Reference: Wikipedia: Fun Facts about Lager.

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