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For today’s Did You Know we will look at Liver and Onion fun facts.

Liver and Onion Fun Facts: Liver and onions is a traditional English dish. The main ingredients are slices of liver (usually pork, beef or, in the United Kingdom, lamb) and onions. The liver and the onions are usually fried or cooked together, but sometimes they may be fried separately and mixed together afterwards. The liver is often cut in fine slices, but it also may be diced.

  • In the USA, liver and onions as a dish once enjoyed widespread popularity and could usually be found at family diners and American home-style restaurants.
  • This meal is currently more common to the cuisines of the southern and upper Midwestern style foods.
  • Corbières wine pairs well with Liver and Onions.
  • May 10th is National Liver and Onions Day.
  • Lamb’s liver is the usual choice in the UK and is often accompanied by fried bacon.
  • In the French traditional recipe the liver is fried with butter and lard.
  • Liver and onions is still widely popular in Latin America, where it is often eaten along with tortillas or rice.

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