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For today’s Did You Know fun food facts we will look at Military Cooking fun facts.

Military Cooking Fun Facts: The first formal military food program was established in 1775 by the Continental Congress.

  • In 1775 the basic ration included 1 pound (lb.) of beef, or 3/4 lb. of pork, or 1 lb. of salt fish; 1 lb. of bread or flour; 1 pint (pt.) of milk, or payment of 1/72 dollars, and 1 quart of cider or spruce beer; 3 pts. of peas or beans per man per week.
  • Christopher Ludwick, a German immigrant to Philadelphia, was the city’s first gingerbread baker. He was later commissioned by the early American Congress as baker general of Continental Army.
  • The D ration was a survival ration. The C ration with 3700 calories per meal was to be used for 3 to 21 days.  The K ration, with 2700 calories was to be used for up to 15 meals. Most of the time the K ration and the C ration were used together and interchangeably.
  • The D ration was developed in 1935 and with some changes, was designated, a survival ration in 1939. It was a bar with chocolate, sugar, oat flour, cacao fat, skim milk powder and artificial flavoring.
  • The C ration was originally developed in 1939, and with many revisions, was finalized in 1941. The varieties were meat and beans, meat and vegetable hash, and meat and vegetable stew.
  • In a survey conducted in 1951 of the U.S. armed services, banana cream pie was the favorite dessert. Rice pudding was the least liked.

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Reference: Wikipedia: Fun Facts about Military Cooking.

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