National food holidays have been around for decades. Unfortunately, most of them aren’t real holidays, but they sure are fun to celebrate. Then again, it’s always nice to have an extra excuse for enjoying certain foods. What makes a work day more fun than honoring everything from National Hamburger Day to National Cheese Fondue Day? We cover them all so you always know what food your food truck should be celebrating.

National Cheese Fondue Day Fun Facts

Modern fondue originated in Switzerland and more specifically in the Canton of Neuchatel. The dish consists of at least two varieties of cheeses that are melted with wine and a bit of flour and served communally out of pot called a “caquelon.”

  • April 11th is National Cheese Fondue Day.
  • A recipe for a sauce made from Pramnos wine, grated goat’s cheese and white flour appears in Scroll 11 (lines 629-645) of Homer’s Iliad and has been cited as the earliest record of a fondue.
  • Fondue became popular in the U.S. during the mid-1960s after American tourists discovered it in Switzerland.
  • By way of returning soldiers and travelers, Swiss cheese fondue began showing up on menus at many of New York’s finest restaurants.
  • Over 100 varieties of cheese fondue exist, each with a unique name and different blend of cheeses, wine and seasoning.

How To Observe National Cheese Fondue Day

  • Melt some cheese and create a new sauce for your existing menu items. Use melted cheese as an ingredient in one of your food truck dishes for your customers.
  • Use #NationalCheeseFondueDay to post on social media. Facebook | Twitter

National Cheese Fondue Day Facts We Missed

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There is a National Food Holiday for almost every day of the year. Don’t miss a single one! Find all of the National Food Holidays to spice up your food truck menu specials throughout the year.

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