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For today’s Did You Know we will look at packed lunch fun facts.

Packed Lunch Fun Facts: A packed lunch (also called pack lunch, sack lunch or bag lunch in North America, or pack up in the United Kingdom, is a lunch prepared at home and carried to be eaten somewhere else, such as school, a workplace, or at an outing.

  • In a packed lunch, the food is usually wrapped in plastic, aluminum foil, or paper and can be carried in a lunch box, paper bag, or plastic bag.
  • In the United States, an informal meeting at work, over lunch, where everyone brings a packed lunch, is a brown-bag lunch or colloquially a “brown bag”.
  • March 10th is National Pack Your Lunch Day.
  • Mickey Mouse was the first licensed character to appear on a lunchbox in 1935.
  • The 1950 Hopalong Cassidy lunchbox was the first lunchbox based on a television show.
  • In 1852, Francis Wolle, a schoolteacher, invented the first machine to mass-produce paper bags. Wolle and his brother patented the machine and founded the Union Paper Bag Company.
  • The largest-ever sandwich, according to Guinness, was a corned-beef sandwich made in 2005. It was made by the staff at Wild Woody’s Chill and Grill in Roseville, Michigan. It tipped the scales at a whopping 5,440 pounds, or more than 2 tons.

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Reference: Wikipedia: Fun Facts about Packed Lunch.

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