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For today’s Did You Know we will look at Penuche fun facts.

penuche fun factsPenuche Fun Facts. Penuche is a fudge-like candy made from brown sugar, butter, and milk, using no flavorings except for vanilla.

  • The word penuche is derived from the Latin word for panicle, panicula.
  • Penuche often has a tannish color, and is lighter than regular fudge.
  • It is formed by the caramelization of brown sugar, thus its flavor is said to be reminiscent of caramel. Nuts, especially pecans, are often added to penuche for texture, especially in the making of penuche candies.
  • It is primarily a regional food, found in New England and some places in the Southern United States, though in the latter it goes by different names, usually “brown sugar fudge candy”.
  • Penuche is classified as fudge because of its similar preparation methods and texture. However, because of the use of brown sugar in lieu of white, penuche is technically not fudge.

Key Date

  • July 22nd is National Panuche Day.

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Reference: Wikipedia: Fun Facts about Penuche.

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