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Pfeffernusse Fun Facts: Pfeffernüsse are fluffy pastries (cookies) with ground nuts and spices, popular as a holiday treat in Germany, Denmark, and The Netherlands.

  • The exact origin of the cookie is still uncertain. The traditional Dutch belief links the pepernoten to the feast of Sinterklaas, celebrated on December 5 in The Netherlands and December 6 in Germany and Belgium. This is when children receive gifts from St. Nicholas, who is partially the inspiration for the Santa Claus tradition.
  • If you were curious, the pronunciation is:
  • Though recipes differ, all contain cinnamon, cloves, mace, nutmeg, cardamom, and anise. Some variations include powdered sugar. Molasses and honey are used to sweeten the cookies.
  • In Germany, the pfeffernüsse is more closely associated with Christmas. The biscuit has been part of European yuletide celebrations since the 1850s.
  • December 23rd is National Pfeffernuesse Day.
  • Pfeffernuesse are traditionally very hard and firm once cooked. Because of this they are typically dunked in liquid prior to consuming.

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Reference: Wikipedia facts about Pfeffernusse.

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