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For today’s Did You Know we will look at Saffron fun facts.

Saffron Fun Facts: Saffron is one of the few things that truly is worth its weight in gold. This product of the crocus flower adds not only pungent and aromatic flavor to foods, but also a beautiful golden color. It is native to Asia Minor, where it has been cultivated for thousands of years to be used in medicines, perfumes, dyes, and as a wonderful flavoring for foods and beverages.

  • The name Saffron comes from the Arabic word,” zafaran ” which  means yellow and it is the official color of Buddhist robes in India.
  • The best quality saffron has a deep red color, a honey like aroma with a delicate taste but musky and earthy.
  • Spain, India, and Iran are primary producers of commercial saffron.
  • It is estimated that it takes some 14,000 stigmas to produce only one ounce of saffron threads. The labor-intensive process makes the cost of these bright red threads upwards of $50 per quarter-ounce.
  • In 1444 any merchant caught selling adulterated saffron in Bavaria was burned alive.
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Reference: Fun Facts about Saffron

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