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We have decided when these fun facts pop up, that we would share them with our readers in our section titled “Did You Know?”

For today’s Did You Know we will look at Stuffing fun facts.

Stuffing Fun Facts: Stuffing, also called dressing, is a seasoned mix of vegetables and starches and sometimes eggs that are cooked within the body cavity of an animal that is then served alongside the animal usually as an ancillary course.

  • About 50% of Americans stuff their Thanksgiving birds with stuffing.
  • November 21st is National Stuffing Day.
  • There are regional differences with stuffing- in the South cornbread stuffing is popular, and white bread is common is most other parts of the country. Although, there are many variations to ingredients added with the bread.
  • The First Thanksgiving lasted for three days.
  • Stuffing dates back to the Roman Empire, where the ancient cookbook “Apicius de re Coquinaria” had recipes that called for stuffed chicken, rabbit, pork and more.
  • The brand Stove Top introduced their famous boxed stuffing in 1972.
  • Stove Top now sells around 60 million boxes of their stuffing around Thanksgiving.
  • There is no evidence to support that stuffing was served at the first Thanksgiving.

Stuffing Fun Facts We Missed

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Reference: Wikipedia: Fun Facts about Stuffing.