PORTLAND, OR – Reality shows on television have become a big part of what people are watching on television these days. From the numerous house wife programs to Duck Dynasty to the numerous competitions centered around cooking, travel and survival,  Americans are spending much of their television viewing time looking in on the lives of various aspects of our culture we may not be familiar with.

A Portland based film group is getting ready to begin filming the lives of another culture to share with Americans. Portland food cart owners in a realty show titled Cart and Soul.

Cart and Soul Reality Show

Not the typical reality show based on the drama or oddness of the cast, Cinesational Video Productions, is doing what they feel is a way to change the landscape of TV. Through positive realty show concepts.

The Plot of Cart and Soul:

What if we took 8 Portland area food cart vendors, placed them in a reality series, watched them interact with their families, friends, and customers, and then asked them each week to give something back to the community..

Maybe it’s their time, effort, money, heart, or ideas….

Could hearts be changed?
Could lives be changed?
Could families be changed?
Could communities be changed?
Could YOU be changed?

The Cast:

French Twist Food Cart – Scott Dean
The Hope Kitchen Food Cart & Catering – Marsha Baker, @Michell Baker and @Darrin Ezell
Bro-Dogs Food Cart – @Scott Smith and @Andrew Wade
The Italian Market – @Andrew Vidulich and @Erin Callahan
Mix ‘N’ Match Creamery – Food Cart – @Eric West and @Genevieve West
The Gaufre Gourmet – @Mike Susak and @Charlene Wesler
The Blue Coyote Catering Company – @John Dyrnes

If you would like to keep up on the production of this project check them out at:

TWITTER – www.twitter.com/cartandsoul
FACEBOOK – www.facebook.com/cartandsoul
WEBSITE – www.cartandsoulshow.com
EMAIL[email protected]