As many of you may have noticed, it’s April 1st, and with that comes April Fools’ Day jokes. Some may enjoy them while others despise them…we happen to love them.

Today marks the day that people are on their guard, not believing many things they are told or carrying out pranks on their friends.

We’ve got a couple of false stories on our website – but did you manage to spot them?

Maybe you weren’t altogether taken in about the story that Chicago was planning to banish food trucks to the dregs of Lower Wacker, because restaurant owners are still concerned about a level playing field.

Or did you fall for the one about the San Francisco business group trying to outlaw “ugly” food trucks? How about the earth shattering story of Roy Choi selling out Kogi to partner up with Taco Bell?

We appreciate your patience with our juvenile humor…but we felt there would be plenty of you that enjoyed reading the stories as much as we had writing them. With that said, we did learn a valuable lesson today…DON’T MESS WITH CHICAGO FOOD TRUCKS.

Within minutes of posting our story, food truck owners across the city were up in arms trying to figure out how this had happened. We then received an email from the Institute of Justice no longer than 90 minutes from post time.

They wanted to know a) how we found out about the story and b) was the story true. We knew not to push it and let them know the truth and word quickly made it’s way through the city.

Thank you for playing along and we’re sorry for the concerns that these stories may have caused.