A food truck owner has to balance their menu pricing based on a number of factors. Fuel and food are just a couple of these factors however they tend to be the most volatile and over the past year, both have increased dramatically. These changes in their costs affect their bottom line and the more they pay for these items, the smaller the percentage of their menu prices get distributed as profit.

price increase


The problem this causes is that these mobile vendors have to re-look at how much they are charging for items that increase in price on the back-end  and how to balance that with what they charge their customers without looking like they are gouging the life-blood of their mobile food businesses.

Because of this juggling requirement in this week’s poll we want to know if food truck owners have had to increase their entree prices based on the increases in fuel and wholesale food costs.

So let us know. Once we have the results, we will be sure to post them and share the data we come up with.

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