The second annual ROAM Conference came to life in San Antonio over the weekend, November 8-9.  The ROAM Conference is THE place for food truck industry professionals, those that plan to start their own food truck and those that supply the industry.  Everyone came together to learn, exchange ideas and grow the industry overall.

2014 Roam Wide

There were concurrent sessions of the Food Truck Academy (FTA) for people interested in starting a food truck and those already in the business looking for best practices.  The FTA covered many topics from developing your menu concept to franchising your existing business.

2014 Roam 2Session speakers included marketing guru Barb Upchurch and City of Madison representative Warren Hansen.  Food truck/cart owners Matt Breslow of the Grilled Cheese Grill in Portland, OR and Brian Reed of Mojo Tago in Columbus, Ohio accompanied them.  Other speakers included Mobile Cuisine’s Richard Myrick and FoodTrucksIn owner Eric Weiner.  There were a lot of brains to pick!

General session speakers included familiar face Matt Geller, CEO of the SoCal MVFA and on the Board of Directors of the National Food Truck Association, local San Antonio Food Truck Association Co-Founder Sameer Siddiqui, and Brett Burmeister, the owner of Food Carts Portland.  Their insights and experience in association planning, organizing and knowing when to challenge the “system” are still very relevant.

2014 Roam 1The exhibitor space, which had doubled since 2013, was a great cross-section of industry service providers.  Fledgling food truck owners could speak to marketing, insurance, food service, POS, and truck builder professionals.  It was a comprehensive one-stop-shop for industry knowledge and networking opportunities.

The dates for the 2015 ROAM Conference are October 25-26, 2015 in Orlando, Florida.  We’re excited to continue our association with ROAM and think the 2015 Conference will be even more exciting and informative.  It will only get bigger!  Mark your calendars now and check into for updates and information.

All roads lead to ROAM.