Here it is, Thanksgiving, and we’ve been reflecting on some of the things for which we have to be thankful. Our list includes some of the usual – family, country, and employment during challenging times, but we have come up with an additional list of 10 things we are thankful for within the food truck industry, and wanted to share it with you.

  • The way communities are re-writing their laws to allow more trucks to open.
  • The various and creative cuisine food trucks are providing their customers.
  • The ability for people to follow trucks through social media.
  • The way the food truck industry has helped numerous communities economically.
  • The spread of positive coverage of the industry within the mainstream media.
  • The time, effort and donations that people in the industry have given to help organizations that help feed the needy.
  • The friends we have made from publishing this magazine.
  • The knowledge we have gained from researching the food truck industry.
  • The wonderful food we have been able to eat while visiting various food trucks.

Last but not least, and certainly our favorite item that we are thankful for;

  • The food truck community itself and the wonderful people in it.

You are our readers, the people we write for and about. No other business community has such a loyal group of members and we hope for continued success in our coverage, and the industry as a whole. So when we cut into our holiday birds and reflect on all the things for which we’re thankful, one of the biggest will be the fact that we have this industry.

From Mobile Cuisine Magazine, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

If you are thankful for something about the food truck industry, please share it in the comments below.