Coming in at number eighteen in our Top US Cities to Open a Food Truck is Honolulu, HI.

Honolulu Skyline

Food trucks have been part of the food landscape in Hawaii for generations, usually serving the standard fare of two scoops of rice, pasta salad and some kind of gravy-based main dish. But the popularity and variety of food trucks are growing. As culturally diverse as it is breathtakingly scenic, the tropical paradise of Honolulu is finally one the country’s top cities to open a food truck.

Two years ago if you were a food truck vendor in Honolulu you most likely faced fines, jail sentences and criminal records for selling food from your truck. After a long battle with city hall, food trucks were able to hit the streets in Honolulu legally in April of last year. Since then, the industry has been growing on par with some of the other big food truck towns on the mainland.

With all of the legal shenanigans over, Honolulu provides mobile food entrepreneurs with an active business community that supports businesses of all sizes.

Honolulu is the gateway to the islands’ large industry…tourism; which brings millions of visitors and contributes $10 billion annually to the local economy.  2014 projections also show growth in both population and household incomes which bodes well for anyone looking to sell quick service and delicious food.

Honolulu offers a dynamic dining scene unlike anywhere else in the world and comparable to cities much, much larger.  And last but not least, the weather in Honolulu provides mobile food vendors with yearlong access to potential customers.

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