Your food is great.  Your lines are consistent.  Your business has been steadily growing.  You’re ready to grow, but investment is the key.

Mobile Cuisine is partnering with Bolstr to help food trucks take their businesses to the next level. Bolstr is an online marketplace where emerging consumer, retail and manufacturing businesses can access up to $500,000 from accredited investors.  Click here to attend a co-hosted webinar on March 2-3.  (We apologize for the error in the link in the last article.)

money_treeThere are many crowdfunding services in the marketplace that are focused on funding everything from open-sourced software to creative and business startups to cosmetic surgery and pornography (who knew?).  As you review the list of these companies, you’ll notice that the majority of their business models require equity in the businesses they fund.

As a small business owner and presumably someone that built your business from the ground up, it may be difficult to part with the sweat equity that you’ve put into the brand that you’ve built.  Bolstr doesn’t require giving up equity in your business.

Did we grab your attention?

Bolstr is designed as a small business-friendly company.  They not only value the needs of the business owner, but seek out credible opportunities for their investors.

Businesses consider Bolstr because:

  1. Business owners retain 100% ownership. Owners keep their hard-earned equity while raising up to $500,000 in growth capital.
  2. Unprecedented speed in raising growth capital. Companies can raise funding in as little as 24 hours, typically within 5 days.
  3. Flexible payment structure. The financing model allows for monthly repayment amounts proportional to revenue.
  4. The network of engaged investors. Owners build lasting, valuable relationships with investors who believe in their business.

Bolstr is looking to grow their food truck industry investment opportunities.  They recognize the value of this industry and have been watching it grow.  It’s nowhere near maturity and prime for explosive growth.  Bolstr wants to help food trucks take that next step.  Mobile Cuisine and Bolstr are co-hosting a webinar on March 2-3.

Please sign up to learn more about the investment opportunities that await you.