Mail centers have been classified as an essential service. These mail centers provide a convenient way for small businesses or consumers to ship packages without going through the hassle of waiting for long-lines at the post office. With people shipping packages to and fro due to business orders or just simply sending out stuff to loved ones, mail centers have become a helpful place to get all sorts of administrative tasks completed and supplies like envelopes, stamps, and cards.

If you’re looking to franchise a mail center to put up one in your area, check out AIM Mail Centers. They’re a one stop shop for all things shipping whether it’s sending packages, moving stuff, and private mailbox rental.

How much does it cost to open AIM Mail Centers? AIM Mail Center is open for franchising. To begin, a minimum liquid capital of $50,000 is required and a minimum net worth of $200,000 is needed. The average investment range for this mail center is $167,800 to $247,850.

Keep on reading this guide to know more about AIM Mail Centers, what to expect when it comes to franchising with them and whether or not they’re the right shipping service franchise for you. Take our 7-minute franchise to find out if investing in a mail center is right for you. 

Financial Requirements and Fees

These are the financial requirement details that AIM Mail Center has provided:

Fees / Expenses Financial Amount
Liquid Capital $500,000
Net Worth $500,000
Total Investment $600,000 to $750,000

The franchise fee is already included in the investment range. As for the liquid capital, this can be cash, retirement accounts, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, or other non-borrowed source.

Other fees to note is the AIM Mail Center 5% royalty fees and 2% ad royalty fee. They also offer 20% discount off the franchise fee for veteran applicants. The term of agreement to run an AIM Mail Center is 20 years.

Average Sales / Revenue per Year

There is no official data from AIM Mail Center on how much their annual revenue is. But according to Zippia, the shipping service’s revenue is $1.1 million annually.

The industry average revenue for a packing and shipping center is $550,000 – $600,000 in gross sales. Many of these businesses operate at a gross profit margin of 90% because the cost-of-goods sold is so low.

Keep in mind though, the biggest costs associated with running this type of business is paying salary and rent of an office space.

AIM Mail Centers Franchise Facts

Total Units 45 (Based on their locations tracker)
Incorporated Name Aim Mail Centers, Inc.
Franchising Since 1989
Industry Shipping Services
Subsector Delivery Services

AIM Mail Center started in 1985 in Irvine, California. They’re owned by Annex Brands, Inc. and belong to a roster of other packaging service under them alongside PostalAnnex+, Sunshine Pack & Ship, Pak Mail, Handle With Care Packaging Store, Parcel Plus, and Navis Pack and Ship. All in all, they oversee 820 locations with 45 of them recorded as AIM Mail Centers on their website.

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AIM Mail Center is a one stop shop for shipping services. They also provide business needs to consumers. Their products and services include:

  • Shipping
  • Private / Business Mailboxes
  • Postal Services
  • Packing Materials
  • Printing
  • Copy Services
  • Sending and Receiving Fax
  • Shredding
  • Rubber Stamp Customizing
  • Promotional Products
  • Greeting Cards and Postcards
  • Key Cutting and Duplication
  • Professional Notary Services
  • Quick and Easy Passport Photos
  • Fingerprinting Services (including LiveScan Fingerprinting Services)
  • File Upload
  • Scanning
  • Package Receiving

To franchise an AIM Mail Center, you’ll need to make sure you fit the financial requirements as mentioned above. You’ll then have to request for a brochure by filling up the form here. You may also contact them for more inquiries regarding their franchising by calling them up at (866) 964-3142.

Once you’ve reviewed the brochure that AIM Mail Center has provided and once your inquiries have been answered, it’s time to fill up their franchise application form which can be found here. Once received, they’ll send you an updated copy of their Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). This document contains everything you need to know in franchising an AIM Mail Center and all the technical details such as the fees and other terms to look out for.

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When everything is reviewed, you will then be working with AIM Mail Center’s Development Team. Once both parties have agreed to all the terms, you will be sent agreements to sign. Staff members will then help you scout for your AIM Mail center location, designing your center’s layout, manage construction, and assist you with training and operations support.

Michael Sawitz used to be the CEO and founder of AIM Mail Centers before they were bought and taken over by Annex Brands, Inc. Their headquarters can be found at San Diego, California.

How Much Does AIM Mail Centers Make in Profit?

There is no official information released by AIM Mail Center as to how much they make in profit. But we know, the pack and ship industry is extremely profitable with 90% gross margin (before lease, taxes, and salary).

Many operators choose to manage the pack and ship centers themselves to maintain profit. After all, hiring a couple qualified managers is going to be the biggest annual expense of the business. If you enjoy serving customers, building relationships, and meeting new people, you could run an extremely profitable business.

Advantages of AIM Mail Centers Franchise

Are there any advantages in franchising AIM Mail Centers? Yes there are! Here’s what you can expect.

Price Comparisons

One of the services that AIM Mail Centers offer is that they can ship your mail or package via FedEx, DHL, UPS, and USPS. AIM Mail Centers offer price comparisons so you don’t have to visit each center to check your options. This gives customers confidence they are getting a deal with each package they ship.

This also includes options for next day, overnight, second day and three day shipping. All these options makes it very convenient for you to know what the best rates for you are without ever leaving the premises or calling up other services to compare. This advantage also encourages repeat business.


Once you franchise an AIM Mail Center, they’ll provide you with the proper training in running your shipping service center. They offer learning modules, training programs, job aids, support manuals, and many other materials to help you become a well-experienced franchisee. You’ll also be given hands-on training you need to manage this business.

Initial training is done in 10 business days followed by ongoing training during regional meetings, store visits, and national conventions. As for operations support, you will be provided with in-store and remote assistance. Keep in mind compared to other franchises, the operations of this business compared to a restaurant (as an example) is straight forward.

economic ups and downs

Help deliver mail near and far.


One of the things you can look forward to as a franchisee for AIM Mail Centers is that they offer financing. Their Small Business Administration is ready to help franchisees out. They also offer a list of national lenders and financing options to help you acquire your franchise.

One Stop Shop

Everything a customer needs to send out a package can already be found in AIM Mail Center. All the packing materials and even notary public help is readily available. They also offer other products to sell such as promotional materials, rubber stamps and the like if you’re looking for such items.

To be able to run an AIM Mail Center in your location helps give your customers the option to do business with you and no one else because you have everything they need is under one roof. It’s an impressive and convenient business service that you’re offering to your community.

Low Startup Costs

It’s not uncommon to invest $500,000 – $1,000,000 in capital to start a franchise business. But you can open a mail center for a much lower investment level between $167,800 to $247,850 depending on your location. Part of the reason for the lower startup costs is due to the fact you don’t need a whole lot of expensive equipment or inventory.

To open you’ll need shelves, cash register, bar code scanner and printer, computer, packaging material, and cardboard boxes for shipping. You’ll also need appealing signage on the exterior and interior of the store. Compare this to a business like a restaurant that requires seating, ovens, deep fryers, and an inventory that spoils quickly, you can see why the business aspects are so appealing.

Challenges of AIM Mail Centers Franchise

Businesses will always have their challenges. For AIM Mail Centers, these are the ones you can expect so you’re prepared.


AIM Mail Center isn’t the only one stop shipping service in the United States. Even the businesses under Annex Brands Inc. offer the same service that AIM Mail Center offers.

AIM Mail Centers are a great business to have if you’re the only shipping service within a targeted location. But your sales could be affected if there was some other shipping service within the area that offers the same service and products you have. You will have a protected territory once you franchise with them. But you’ll also have to check your other competitors within the area. One way to start is by typing mail shipment centers near me in Google to get a list of local competitors.

International Presence

AIM Mail Centers are mostly located in the United States only. We’re not sure if they have any plans to open in Canada or more countries outside of the United States. But we hope they do since the services they offer have the potential to become a big brand in some places.

Is the AIM Mail Centers Franchise Right For You?


Safely deliver packages to your customers.

The AIM Mail Center seems like an ideal shipping service business if there doesn’t seem to be any in your area. There are many options and services that people can use in just one location. Just be sure to go through the companies updated Franchise Disclosure Document and discuss all your concerns with them prior to signing up so there aren’t any loose threads.

What is an alternative AIM Mail Center franchise?

If you’re interested in another shipping service that is also considered a one stop shop, check out The UPS Store. Aside from shipping services, they also offer copying and packaging services.

To franchise a UPS Store, you’ll need a liquid capital of $75,000 to $125,000 and expect an investment of $247,523 to $474,193 for a traditional location. To know more about The UPS Store and its financial requirements, check out our full guide here.

With people working from home and putting up online stores, the need for shipping services is on the rise. With this guide, we hope you are able to make a decision in franchising an AIM Mail Center near you.