No. You don’t need a $2 million dollar net worth (or higher) to invest in a successful franchise business. While some concepts like McDonald’s can cost more than $2 million to open a single location there’s a whole world of lower cost opportunities that give you the chance to build a proven business.

In this list, I’ve compiled a shortlist of franchises you can start an investment of $50,000 or less. These range from home serve businesses, fitness, food, and real estate. Franchises that need a capital investment of less than $50,000 are frequently home-based businesses that do not require the building or lease of a physical location. Take this 7-minute franchise business quiz to get matched with options based on your budget and interests. Let’s get into it.

Franchise Opportunities Under $50,000 by Category

Repair Franchise Businesses

1. Mr. Electric

Mr. Electric has been providing great service to residential and business customers in need of electrical services since 1994. Entrepreneur Magazine® has named Mr. Electric to its “Franchise 500® ” list on several occasions. Being a Mr. Electric® franchisee can provide you with the chance to provide outstanding service to residential and business clients that want electrical services.

Owners of a Mr. Electric® franchise benefit from the freedom of beginning their own business or converting an existing one while also having the security of partnering with a nationally renowned brand.

  • Initial Investment: $40,000 (Franchise fee)
  • Royalty Fees: 4.0% – 7.0%
  • Franchise Units: Over 160
  • Franchising Since: 1994
  • Headquarters: Waco, TX

2. The Patch Boys

While drywall breakage is prevalent, these repairs are more complex than the typical homeowner can handle. The DIY kits sold at large box hardware stores seldom precisely reflect the actual wall and hiring a contractor or handyman willing to take on work they consider trivial and beyond them can be difficult—if they pick up the phone at all. The Patch Boys are unique in this regard.

The drywall franchise The Patch Boys fills a void in the market with 96 percent of houses using drywall. This is a big opportunity to solve a common problem in communities with older homes. Typically, drywall fixes are not “back-breaking” labor either and can often be completed in less than two hours.

  • Initial Investment: $25,000 (Franchise fee)
  • Royalty Fees: 7%
  • Franchise Units: 62
  • Franchising Since: 2015
  • Headquarters: Brooklyn, NY

3. United Water Restoration Group 

Franchisees of United Water Restoration Group (UWRG) have had a significant influence in their communities since 2008. Their franchises assist homeowners in the aftermath of natural catastrophes including hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes. The company also helps with water, fire, smoke, and mold damage repairs, as well as property restoration.

Not only do you get to help customers recover from a challenging life experience. But the projects you’re involved in will be extremely high ticket. As you might imagine, remediating a fire, flood, or other natural disaster will require days of work at a minimum and five-figure project fees are not uncommon in this space. 

UWRG franchisees engage on a career trajectory with limitless opportunities for personal, professional, and financial advancement by providing critical restoration services to homeowners in their time of need. UWRG thoroughly tests goods, processes, and systems at its corporate offices before distributing them to franchisees. This ensures that any flaws are ironed out before franchisees begin utilizing the most up-to-date products, processes, and systems.

  • Initial Investment: $49,000 (Minimum Franchise Fee)
  • Royalty Fees: The greater of the Minimum Royalty annually or 6% of the Collected Revenue; 2% of reconstruction revenue.
  • Franchise Units: 18
  • Franchising Since: 2015
  • Headquarters: Ormond Beach, FL

4. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® 

With scores of franchisees around the country, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has cemented its credibility and reputation as a critical service provider. They focus on people, processes, and revenues to help their franchisees achieve personal and professional goals.

You will be in business for yourself when you join the Benjamin Franklin Plumbing team, but you will never be alone. We take the uncertainty out of launching a business and let you realize the benefits of a tried-and-true business strategy. This is a trusted plumbing brand with even more room to grow. 

  • Initial Investment: $43,000 (Franchise Fee)
  • Royalty Fees: 6.0%
  • Franchise Units: 266
  • Franchising Since: 2001
  • Headquarters: Phoenix, AZ

5. Honest Abe Roofing

Honest Abe Roofing was established a decade ago with the purpose of developing a marketing and sales-based business strategy and improving how roofing and other home repair products and services were advertised and offered in a highly fragmented industry.

The Honest Abe Roofing franchise program was developed with this similar mindset in mind, offering clever, sales-oriented owners adaptable company ownership choices, a simplified start-up procedure, and efficient services for everything from lead generation to project completion.

  • Initial Investment: $35,000 (Net Worth Required)
  • Royalty Fees: 7% of gross sales
  • Franchise Units: 29
  • Franchising Since: 2017
  • Headquarters: Terre Haute, IN

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6. Lawn Doctor

What began in 1967 in the back of a modest hardware shop has developed into a countrywide network of individually owned and run offices. Lawn Doctor franchisees provide all-season maintenance, comprising fertilizer, weed and bug control, for a total of more than 1 billion square feet of lawn.

Lawn Doctor sets itself apart from the competition by being the industry leader in service quality, with an average customer retention rate of over 80%. Lawn and garden services are a $78 billion business, and each year, more households opt for professional lawn care over do-it-yourself lawn maintenance.

  • Initial Investment: $35,000 (Franchise fee)
  • Royalty Fees: 10%
  • Franchise Units: 537
  • Franchising Since: 1967
  • Headquarters: Holmdel, NJ

7. Miracle Method Surface Refinishing

In North America, Miracle Method is the largest surface repair franchise. They are the most well-known surface refinishing firm in the market with over 40 years of expertise and 140 sites.

The Miracle Method franchise support system is the key to getting your home renovation business off the ground and longterm growth. Both home and commercial customers may benefit from Miracle Method franchisees’ superior surface restoration services for bathtubs, tile, countertops, and tile floors.

  • Initial Investment: $45,000 (Franchise Fee)
  • Royalty Fees: 5.5%
  • Franchise Units: 165
  • Franchising Since: 1996
  • Headquarters: Colorado Springs, CO

Home service businesses.

Home Service Business Opportunities

1. Dryer Vent Wizard 

Dryer Vent Wizard is a home-based, owner-operated franchise that allows the appropriate individual to start off small and grow their business to their desired size. Their comprehensive training equips its franchisees with the knowledge and skills they need to engage with clients, deliver exceptional service, and develop their business.

The home-based business venture offered by Dryer Vent Wizard reduces the need for the owner to be away from home and family for lengthy periods of time on a daily basis, making the transition to company ownership much more comfortable. Even when franchisees are out in the field serving clients, they generally work a 9-5 schedule, ensuring that they are home every night for supper with their families.

  • Initial Investment: $35,000 (Franchise Fee)
  • Royalty Fees: 2%
  • Franchise Units: 102
  • Franchising Since: 2006
  • Headquarters: Waco, TX

2. Mosquito Squad 

If you want to take charge of your time while also creating the lifestyle you’ve always desired for yourself and your family, Mosquito Squad might be the right fit. You may work from home and establish your own hours, so there are no late nights or weekends necessary.

Mosquito Squad is a viable company that has a lot of room for growth. You may invest in yourself and establish a successful business with their outdoor pest treatment franchise, and reap the rewards for many years to come. Mosquito Squad also provides chances to broaden your home services offers and generate extra revenue sources.

  • Initial Investment: $35,000 (Standard Franchise Fee)
  • Royalty Fees: 8% to 10% (Depending on how successful your location is)
  • Franchise Units: 225 (Estimated)
  • Franchising Since: 2005
  • Headquarters: Richmond, VA

3. U.S. Lawns 

In the commercial landscape maintenance sector, U.S. Lawns is the highest-ranked franchise business. Their extensive training course and assistance equip you with the systems you need to successfully launch your venture.

In the United States, there are over 30 million companies, and practically all of them require ground maintenance. Since 1986, the United States has been a member of the Organization of American States (OAS). U.S. Lawns has long been a leader in grounds and landscape maintenance for both large and small enterprises.

  • Initial Investment: $34,000
  • Royalty Fees: The Royalty is based on a sliding scale.
  • Franchise Units: 250
  • Franchising Since: 1986
  • Headquarters: Orlando, FL

Not Sure What Franchise to Start? Take Our 7-Minute Franchise Business Quiz!

4. Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning carpets is a huge business. Every year, around 10 billion square feet of new carpet is installed by homeowners and businesses, all of which must be cleaned. Chem-Dry has developed a better approach to clean and maintain carpet, which accounts for more than 52% of all home floor coverings in the United States.

Chem-Dry is the world’s biggest carpet and upholstery cleaning solution with over 3,000 facilities. They provide multi-unit areas, allowing you to build a Chem-Dry empire that is as large or small as you like.

  • Initial Investment: $23,500 (Franchise fee)
  • Royalty Fees: Ongoing Royalty Fee: $414.32/mo
  • Franchise Units: 3,489
  • Franchising Since: 1978
  • Headquarters: Logan, UT

5. TruBlue Total House Care

The senior housing market is growing at a breakneck pace. For the next 20 years, 10,000 people will reach the age of 65 every day. Many baby boomers have spent their whole adult life in the same house, and the clear majority of them desire to do so again. AARP reports that 87 percent of seniors want to continue living in their current residence as they age.

As the population continues to age, so do their requirements. Painting a fence or replacing light bulbs used to be relatively straightforward activities, but they are becoming increasingly complicated.

Through TruBlue, senior homeowners can make a single call to one provider for a range of services, providing them peace of mind that they won’t have to deal with various suppliers and contractors.

  • Initial Investment: $44,900
  • Royalty Fees: Greater of 6% of gross revenues; $500 monthly minimum for 12 months; $1,000 monthly minimum thereafter.
  • Franchise Units: 50
  • Franchising Since: 2011
  • Headquarters: Cincinnati, OH

6. Screenmobile

Screenmobile is the country’s leading provider of custom-fit screens for both residential and commercial buildings. On-site and at the convenience of their clients, Screenmobile measures, fabricates and installs screens for windows, doors, porches, and patios.

You will only charge for the materials you use when it is time to purchase fresh stock as a Franchise Owner, so you would never have to think about hefty overhead expenses during slow periods. Low overhead expenses with a highly promising return on investment are what keep the company highly successful.

  • Initial Investment: $39,500
  • Royalty Fees: Greater than $250 per month, or 7% of monthly gross sales.
  • Franchise Units: 130
  • Franchising Since: 1984
  • Headquarters: Thousand Palms, CA

7. Kitchen Wise

As the desire for beautiful home spaces expands to include inside closets, pantries, and other commonly utilized storage areas, elegant home solutions are becoming increasingly popular. You’ll help homeowners remodel their kitchens, baths, pantries, closets, and more as a Kitchen Wise franchisee.

The Kitchen Wise brand offers unique storage solutions for bathrooms, pantries, closets, garages, and more, in addition to the kitchen. Its franchisees may appeal to a wide range of clients with these solutions, generating several sources of revenue.

  • Initial Investment: $50,000 (Minimum cash required)
  • Royalty Fees: 6%
  • Franchise Units: 24
  • Franchising Since: 2017
  • Headquarters: Charlottesville, VA

Home service businesses are often the lowest cost to start.

Lowest Cost Franchise Opportunities

1. The Grout Medic

For three simple reasons, The Grout Medic is the industry leader in grout and tile restoration: training, processes, and franchisee support. Their unique customer experience model, which provides consumers with exceptional tile and grout restoration, has helped them become one of the industry’s greatest franchise systems, including more than 50 national franchise sites.

A Grout Medic tile and grout franchise business allows you to start your own venture in a field that focuses on beautifying houses and providing a safer, more pleasant living environment.

  • Initial Investment: $19,500
  • Royalty Fees: For Tier One franchises:
    First 2 months of the initial term: $220/month
    Months 3 through 12: $450/month
    Year 2: $780/month
    Years 3 through 7: $970/month
    In addition, the franchisee must pay a 5% Royalty Fee on annual total Gross Revenue in excess of $200,000.
    For Tier Two franchises:
    First 2 months of the initial term: $155/month
    Months 3 through 12: $315/month
    Year 2: $545/month
    Years 3 through 7: $680/month
    In addition, the franchisee must pay a 5% Royalty Fee on annual total Gross Revenue in excess of $140,000.
  • Franchise Units: 60
  • Franchising Since: 2001
  • Headquarters: Austin, TX

2. PatchMaster

The PatchMaster Franchise System is a low-cost business opportunity with a lot of upsides. They serve a need that is in great demand among homeowners and trade professionals throughout the United States and Canada, yet they require significantly less initial capital and have lower recurring administrative expenses than other franchises.

PatchMaster, a home service franchise opportunity, is positioned to be the fastest-growing home services brand for years to come, based on over 40 years of successful home services franchising expertise.

  • Initial Investment: $19,500 (Single unit Franchise fee)
  • Royalty Fees: 9%-5%
  • Franchise Units: 71
  • Franchising Since: 2018
  • Headquarters: Chester, NJ

3. SiteSwan Website Builder

Do you want to establish or expand your own company? Get to be a Website Reseller for SiteSwan in your community today. No experience is required to start building and selling websites to small businesses in your area with the SiteSwan White Label Website Reseller Program.

Their turnkey model is equipped with everything you need to get started developing and selling websites to local businesses, and it requires no technical knowledge. You establish your own rates and retain 100% of the profits as a SiteSwan Website Reseller. To utilize their program, you just pay a monthly subscription fee. Literally every business needs a website so this is an opportunity you can scale.

  • Initial Investment: $149 (Minimum cash required)
  • Royalty Fees: No royalty fee, you keep 100% of your profits
  • Franchise Units:
  • Franchising Since:
  • Headquarters: (City, State)

4. Ideal Directories

In your neighborhood, create a local business directory and discount website. It’s never been easier to start your own company. Digital discounts are on the rise! For your town, you may now create a local business directory and discount website. No prior knowledge of technology is required.

You monetize your website by selling business listings and advertising. Small companies are always seeking new methods to advertise online, and your local website is the ideal location to promote their coupons and special offers to surrounding customers.

  • Initial Investment: $199/ Month Minimum cash required
  • Royalty Fees: No royalty fee, you keep 100% of your profits
  • Franchise Units: 10
  • Franchising Since:
  • Headquarters: Syosset, NY


Are you well-positioned to reap the benefits of financial coaching? Coaching is the world’s second most rapidly increasing industry. Financial Coaching is the most recent addition to the industry.

UGRU is a turnkey, non-MLM business that includes training and a platform to help you manage, connect, and expand your business using only a laptop. UGRU has low operational expenses, a large profit margin, no staff or inventories, and a regular revenue stream.

  • Initial Investment: $1,999 – $4,800 (Total investments)
  • Royalty Fees: Not provided
  • Franchise Units: 10
  • Franchising Since: 2017
  • Headquarters: Dover, DE

6. ABC Do-Re-ME!

ABC Do-Re-ME! is the premier kid’s music and motion program that provides innovative, exciting, and educational activities. Their programs could create a splash with activities accessible for newborns, toddlers, and preschoolers up to 6 years old. For the sake of your child’s future, make a difference.

ABC Do-Re-Me! isn’t limited to Courses that teach a student ’s intellectual, behavioral, social, verbal, and physical growth while also providing flexible schedules and programs for children with working parents. Many activities for children and toddlers take 10 weeks to a year to complete, while ABC Do-Re-ME! takes only ten weeks. Offers parents to pay for individual courses, purchase a course bundle, or subscribe to a monthly subscription.

  • Initial Investment: $1,000 (Franchise fee)
  • Royalty Fees: $170/month
  • Franchise Units: 26
  • Franchising Since: 2013
  • Headquarters: New York, NY

7. Travel Leaders

Travel Leaders Group, as one of North America’s Top 10 travel companies, has helped millions of travelers thanks to its strong roots – the former Carlson Wagonlit Travel Associates, Travel Leaders, and Tzell Travel Group merged in 2008 to form one of the industry’s fastest-growing and most robust networks of travel agents.

The Carlson franchise model “Ask Mr. Foster” Travel, which was founded in 1888 was also North America’s first tour company network, had its roots in 1984 as the Travel Leaders-branded franchise travel agency.

  • Initial Investment: $1,500 (Franchise fee)
  • Royalty Fees: Up to $1K/mo.
  • Franchise Units: 7000 Offices
  • Franchising Since: 1984
  • Headquarters: Broadway, NY

Food Franchise Opportunities

One important note is while the franchise fees are under $50,000 for each of these opportunities, you’ll need a much large investment and loan to get started with these franchises. Restaurant franchises in particular are known for $500,000 – $2 million startup costs. If you need to stay on a budget, stick to home service business that are typically lower in cost.

1. Denny’s Inc.

Denny’s is the national diner of the U. S.. For almost 60 years, people have come to kick back, relax, and enjoy wonderful, savory meals 24 hours a day, all day every day. If you’re hungry, they’ve got it. From quick breakfasts to filling lunches and dinners, Denny’s has it.

Denny’s is committed to helping its franchise community develop, with franchisees operating 90% of its locations. They have a long-term, proactive franchise growth program supported by cutting-edge, industry-leading franchise support programs. You can count on Denny’s for help whether you’re launching your first or 50th store.

  • Initial Investment: $10,000 – $40,000 (Franchise fee)
  • Royalty Fees: 4.5%
  • Franchise Units: 1,721
  • Franchising Since: 1963
  • Headquarters: Spartanburg, SC

2. Potatopia

Potatopia originally opened its doors in a 154 square foot kiosk at Menlo Park Mall in 2011. Their founder recognized that delivering a fresh and different concept from what was existing on the market would present several hurdles.

Potatopia then began to develop; the 154-square-foot kiosk served as the cornerstone for what Potatopia has become today, as well as a blueprint for the future. The best thing about Potatopia is that it covers a wide range of folks since potatoes are a mainstay at dinner tables. This allows Potatopia to keep inventing and, more significantly, localize their products in the regions where they operate.

  • Initial Investment: $35,000 (Franchise fee)
  • Royalty Fees: 6%
  • Franchise Units: 7
  • Franchising Since: 2013
  • Headquarters: Manalapan, NJ

3. Village Inn

Village Inn is a well-known family restaurant with a simple formula for success: provide wonderful cuisine and nice sentiments at a fair price in a relaxed environment. Village Inn keeps guests coming back by regularly providing great-tasting cuisine, extra-friendly service, and spotless restaurants.

Times have changed since the company’s first restaurant debuted in 1958, followed by the first franchise location in 1961. Village Inn’s distinctive kind of family restaurant, however, will never go out of vogue, as seen by its continuing expansion and profitability.

  • Initial Investment: $40,000 (Franchise fee)
  • Royalty Fees: 4% of weekly gross sales
  • Franchise Units: 86
  • Franchising Since: 1961
  • Headquarters: Nashville, TN

4. Cheeburger Cheeburger

Cheeburger Cheeburger is on the cusp of massive nationwide growth, thanks to the overwhelming demand from its patrons. Visitors and travelers who have dined at their restaurants on Sanibel Island, in Huntsville, Alabama, Chattanooga, Tennessee, and elsewhere have asked them to open in additional places around the United States.

You’ll know you’re in good hands the moment you call their Director of Franchise Development. They’ll be there with you every step of the way for as long as you own a franchise.

  • Initial Investment: $24,000 (Franchise fee)
  • Royalty Fees: 5%
  • Franchise Units: 45
  • Franchising Since: 1991
  • Headquarters: Fort Myers, FL

6. Bubbakoo’s Burritos

The first Bubbakoo’s Burritos opened in Point Pleasant, New Jersey in 2008, and quickly became regarded as a great spot to unwind while eating a delicious meal created with the freshest ingredients available. It wasn’t long before visitors began requesting additional sites in their own neighborhoods; today, just a few years later, Bubbakoo’s Burritos has spread to many locations around the Jersey Shore, serving thousands of its famed burritos to its neighbors.

Bubbakoo’s Burritos provides you the opportunity to start something fresh, to break away from the mundane, to own an out-of-the-ordinary restaurant location, all while giving you the independence and balance you seek. Each Bubbakoo’s Burritos location has its own distinct shop design that can be customized to fit a variety of different sizes and types of locations. A typical setting is 2,000 square feet in size, with a minimum of 25 feet of store frontage.

  • Initial Investment: $30,000 (Franchise fee)
  • Royalty Fees: 6%
  • Franchise Units: 16
  • Franchising Since: 2015
  • Headquarters: Wall Township, NJ

7. Andy’s Frozen Custard

When John and Carol Kuntz founded a new frozen custard venture in Osage Beach, Missouri, Andy’s Frozen Custard tradition began. Their treat immediately became a local legend, and it soon swept across adjacent Springfield, Missouri.

From its Osage Beach beginnings, these businesses give consumers near and far a taste of neighborhood Americana where it’s great to be a kid for a little while. A pleasant work atmosphere is at the core of every Andy’s, where everyone shares in the passion that gave Andy’s life and keeps it going strong.

  • Initial Investment: $32,000 (Franchise fee)
  • Royalty Fees: 6%
  • Franchise Units: 25
  • Franchising Since: 2003
  • Headquarters: Springfield, MO

Searching for passive income?

Passive Franchise Opportunities

1. Camille Albane

Camille Albane is Europe’s largest salon and beauty franchise with over 300 facilities currently open in the United States. Camille Albane, which is owned by luxury Paris salon chain Dessange International, which also owns Fantastic Sams, is bringing true French beauty and hair treatments to the United States for the first time. Customers want Camille Albane’s distinctive and popular styles and service, so it’s worth checking into for anybody interested in the hair and beauty sector.

Despite the fact that Camille Albane is a well-established and mature brand in Europe, potential franchisees may get in on the ground floor in the United States. There are still plenty of great urban markets open for salon growth. The training, marketing, and support systems of a nearly 2,000-unit company with decades of franchise expertise will be available to their franchisees.

  • Initial Investment: $40,000 (Franchise fee)
  • Royalty Fees: 5%
  • Franchise Units: 270
  • Franchising Since: 1994
  • Headquarters: Boston, MA

2. Lucille Roberts Fitness Express

Lucille Roberts is passionate about providing engaged communities with constructive, inclusive, and engaging exercise and wellness experiences. They would like you to look at Lucille Roberts as a place where generations of strong, attractive, and confident women may call home, and they are always innovating to deliver the greatest possible service.

Lucille Roberts started her first gym in 1969, inspired by her love of aerobics lessons and a desire. She attended several group aerobics sessions before recognizing that, while the programs were mostly women-only, the fitness clubs lacked the kind of friendship she sought.

  • Initial Investment: $25,000 (Franchise fee)
  • Royalty Fees: 6%
  • Franchise Units: 52
  • Franchising Since: 2010
  • Headquarters: New York, NY

3. Kinderdance® International

Kinderdance International offers dance, gymnastics, and fitness activities for children in the early stages of development. Kinderdance International has been franchising for over 30 years and is the fastest-growing global kids’ franchise. Kinderdance is comprised of the following elements: dance, gymnastics, motion, yoga, wellness, motor coordination, education, and enjoyment.

Kinderdance® programs are intended exclusively for children aged 15 months to 12 years of age. Kinderdance course teaches the entirety of the child. Take charge of your future career path by making a difference in the lives of youngsters. Be a Kinderdance® franchisee and assist children to make a difference in society.

  • Initial Investment: $15,000 (Franchise fee)
  • Royalty Fees: 3%
  • Franchise Units: 136
  • Franchising Since: 1985
  • Headquarters: Roanoke, VA

4. Wine & Design

Wine & Design is a well-capitalized, privately owned firm with an engaged owner and a steady and experienced executive team. Their successful business concept, the “Wine & Design System,” has more than 60 locations in operation across the United States, with more than 30 national and international sites planned.

The Corporate Team at Wine & Design is committed to assisting you and your franchise. You can count on their experts to help you choose the optimal location for maximum traffic and profit, link you with their chosen distributors and agents, expand your clientele through their unique marketing method, and have you up and running as fast as possible.

  • Initial Investment: $25,000 (Franchise fee)
  • Royalty Fees: 6%
  • Franchise Units: 75
  • Franchising Since: 2010
  • Headquarters: Raleigh, NC

5. The Alternative Board (TAB)

Every month, TAB Franchise Owners host lively, membership-only board meetings where members combine their expertise and experience for the group’s benefit. Each board is made up of up to ten privately held company owners and CEOs.

Decision-makers from non-competing firms in many sectors meet in a trustworthy, frank, and private context to solve issues and analyze possibilities in their markets. Members will hold each other responsible for outcomes in addition to addressing company concerns and finding new opportunities for greater efficiency and profitability.

  • Initial Investment: $9,450 – $44,000 (Franchise fee)
  • Royalty Fees: 10-50%
  • Franchise Units: 254
  • Franchising Since: 1996
  • Headquarters: Westminster, CO

6. Squeegee Squad

In the $94 billion (and rising!) contract cleaning and maintenance services business, Squeegee Squad is the most popular franchise opportunity. Residents, developers, companies, management organizations, real estate agents, homeowner associations, churches, and institutions make up Squeegee Squad’s specialized market, which is distinct and large.

Squeegee Squad’s competitive advantage is that it offers franchisees a tried-and-true business model backed by their turn-key, proprietary “SQUADWARE” business intelligence tools, an exclusive, secured territory, use of the trademarked “Squeegee Squad” brand name, and the ability to operate year-round.

  • Initial Investment: $20,000 (Franchise fee)
  • Royalty Fees: 5-7%
  • Franchise Units: 54
  • Franchising Since: 2005
  • Headquarters: Maple Grove, MN

7. Buildingstars

It’s not just about developing a cleaning business at Buildingstars ®; it’s about building your business potential the proper way. They have a number of unique programs that provide franchisees with greater options, flexibility, and control. Buildingstars ®, in brief, helps you customize your business to your needs and flourish.

Rising Star is a sophisticated operating and training system that delivers a blueprint for success to its franchise owners. It covers everything from cleaning tiny offices to managing multi-tenant properties at varying phases of development.

  • Initial Investment: $995 – $46,995 (Franchise fee)
  • Royalty Fees: 10%
  • Franchise Units: 735
  • Franchising Since: 2000
  • Headquarters: St. Louis, MO

Fitness Franchise Opportunities

1. Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness, the world leader in the 24/7 fitness industry offers a recurring-revenue business strategy that is both convenient and cheap. You may experience the flexibility of a good work/life balance thanks to their services and assistance. Anytime Fitness is the world’s leading fitness franchise; in fact, Entrepreneur Magazine lists Anytime Fitness as the world’s number one franchise.

The fitness sector is more than ever positioned to make a positive difference in people’s lives. Obesity is the leading cause of health issues globally, with health care expenses out of control. Each year, about a million new members join health clubs, bringing the total number of members to 41.3 million.

  • Initial Investment: Starting at $20,000 (Franchise fee)
  • Royalty Fees: $549 per month for an Anytime Fitness center and $449 per month for an Anytime Fitness Express center.
  • Franchise Units: 4,733
  • Franchising Since: 2014
  • Headquarters: Woodbury, MN

2. Fit4Mom

FIT4MOM is committed to the concept of “Strength In Motherhood.” By offering classes and assistance to mothers at all stages of their lives. Women may get a workout and support that is adaptable around parenting with FIT4BABY’s prenatal fitness courses, Stroller Strides, Body Back, and Our Village.

Being a FIT4MOM franchisee is an excellent option to renew, refuel, or divert your career while juggling motherhood. You even own territory as a small company owner wherein you run FIT4MOM courses, improve the lives of women in your neighborhood, and financially take care of your family.

  • Initial Investment: $5,495 – $10,495 (Franchise fee)
  • Royalty Fees: $286-$454/mo.
  • Franchise Units: 260
  • Franchising Since: 2005
  • Headquarters: San Diego, CA

3. Xist Fitness

In the health and fitness market, Xist Fitness is a one-of-a-kind idea. The cutting-edge facility has cutting-edge workout equipment, personal training, therapy beds, anti-aging red light therapy, and a full-service tanning salon with UV-Free tanning. Each revenue source complements the others, giving each member access to a variety of services all under a single roof.

Xist Fitness promotes a balanced and healthy lifestyle for clients as an “economical indulgence” that appeals to customers of all demographic profiles. The Xist Fitness franchise opportunity is supplemented by a robust marketing and sales program, making it a very appealing option for quick development and significant wealth generation for the organization.

  • Initial Investment: $10,000 (Franchise fee)
  • Royalty Fees: 5%
  • Franchise Units: 2
  • Franchising Since: 2012
  • Headquarters: St. Louis, MO

4. PickUp USA Fitness

PickUp USA Fitness clubs are comprehensive basketball facilities that provide group and private basketball instruction, refereed pickup basketball games, full weight, and cardio facilities, lounges, shops, and more. PickUp USA Fitness began developing its unique fitness idea in 2011 and devoted the next five years to improve its service, methods, and brand before franchising in 2016.

PickUp USA provides its consumers with an unrivaled gym experience. Their gyms provide a real plug-and-play, easy operation concept, and their services appeal to an immense potential market of basketball and fitness fanatics.

  • Initial Investment: $30,000 (Franchise fee)
  • Royalty Fees: 6%
  • Franchise Units: 5
  • Franchising Since: 2016
  • Headquarters: Coppell, TX

5. Gold’s Gym

We wouldn’t end this list without one of the top fitness gyms known around the world. The franchisor is Gold’s Gym Franchising, LLC. The brand offers to run health clubs that are characterized by trademarks and operate under a franchising structure. Gold’s Gym provides a wide range of amenities, goods, and services to its clients.

Franchisees and another person authorized by the franchisee, along with the facility’s general manager, must finish the first training program, according to the franchisor. Franchisees who are corporate entities must undergo the initial training program with their managing owner (or a designated manager recognized by the franchisor).

  • Initial Investment: $40,000 (Franchise fee)
  • Royalty Fees: 5%
  • Franchise Units: 719
  • Franchising Since: 1980
  • Headquarters: Dallas, TX

6. GymGuyz

GymGuyz is a fitness franchise that specializes in one-on-one personal training, group sessions, and corporate fitness. GYMGUYZ offers a fantastic staff of qualified personal trainers that employ a unique approach to health and fitness. Trainers bring state-of-the-art equipment to customers in the GYMGUYZ vans, which they use to give outstanding one-on-one and group training sessions.

GYMGUYZ provides a turn-key solution that eliminates the need for brick and mortar. Owners do not need to be certified in fitness, but having a basic understanding is advantageous. This is not a passive business; however, if you expand, you may be able to own it passively within 3-4 years of launching. Marketing, recruiting coaches, and networking are all obligations of the owners. This is a company that specializes in project management. Our company strategy depends on our ability to network effectively.

  • Initial Investment: $35,000-$45,000 (Franchise fee)
  • Royalty Fees: 6%
  • Franchise Units: 171
  • Franchising Since: 2012
  • Headquarters: Plainview, NY

7. World Gym

World Gym has always been in the heart of the current fitness scene for almost four decades, serving as the meeting point of Muscle Beach and Hollywood, as well as committed fitness and fame. As a potential franchisee, you’ll quickly realize that World Gym is more than simply a gym; it’s a lifestyle.

World Gym’s ownership and management staff have over 200 years of combined expertise, and they are dedicated to each franchise’s success. They’re typically available through phone, email, text, or tweet. Their crew of fitness industry experts will give you the operational assistance, coaching, and troubleshooting you need to succeed in the ever-changing fitness sector.

  • Initial Investment: $5,000 (Franchise fee)
  • Royalty Fees: $1K/mo.
  • Franchise Units: 213
  • Franchising Since: 1982
  • Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA

8. Get In Shape For Women

Select group personal training for women is offered through Get In Shape For Women franchisees, with one professional trainer working with one to four women at a time. Weight training, cardiovascular, and dietary guidance are all included in each session. Brian Cook, the company’s founder, founded it in Needham, Massachusetts in 2006 and began franchising in 2007.

They provide franchisees with several interesting prospects. GISFW has established itself as a tried-and-true idea with over 40 studios operational. Every franchisee gets access to their own personalized training, technological platforms, and world-class assistance.

  • Initial Investment: $29,000 (Franchise fee)
  • Royalty Fees: 6%
  • Franchise Units: 45
  • Franchising Since: 2007
  • Headquarters: Natick, MA

Commercial real estate.

Real Estate Franchise Opportunities

1.Brickley’s Property Solutions

Brickley’s Property Solutions, established in 2007, has been establishing business operations around the new economy’s market corrections and has arisen as a new alternative to the stagnant old techniques of real estate property management. Their strategy, technological efficiency, and reach have elevated them to the forefront of our business, as seen by their financial statements.

Brickley’s cares about your progress. They have direct experience with outmoded property management service standards and methods. Brickley’s has come up with a better solution. See for yourself why Brickley’s has become the new benchmark for property management companies.

  • Initial Investment: $7,500 (Franchise fee)
  • Royalty Fees: Between $33,100 and $53,100 to be paid to the franchisor or its affiliates.
  • Franchise Units: 4
  • Franchising Since: N/A
  • Headquarters: Albuquerque, NM

2. Hommati

The world around us is evolving. The era of Real Estate Agents merely posting a sign in the yard, hosting an open house, and placing ads in the classifieds are long gone. To be competitive in today’s real estate market, agents must give cutting-edge technology to their customers. This is where you come in.

Although Hommati cannot promise how much money you’ll make with their franchise, they can tell you what their suggested retail price is and how long certain on-site services usually take.

  • Initial Investment: $24,900 (Franchise fee)
  • Royalty Fees: 5.0% – 7.0%
  • Franchise Units: 42
  • Franchising Since: 2018
  • Headquarters: Westerville, OH

3. HomeVestors® of America

With the #1 Home Buyer in America, you can turn your passion for real estate into a lucrative career. Profit from the historically steady house resale market. Find out how you can join America’s #1 Home Buyer as a franchisee.

HomeVestors® is dedicated to upholding high ethical standards and implementing stringent protocols that lead to ethical business operations. You’ll learn how to deal with homeowners who are in an “ugly” condition, how to explain the home-buying process to them, and how to assist these homeowners to sell their homes fast by giving “solutions for ugly circumstances.”

  • Initial Investment: $32,000 (Associate Franchise fee)
  • Royalty Fees: Greater of (i) 2% of the sales price for each sale transaction, hold transaction, assignment transaction, and delayed sale transaction, but not to exceed 10% of the assignment, referral, or broker fee franchisees receive with respect to an assignment transaction, or (ii) $500, but less, with respect to any delayed sales transaction, the associate royalty fee paid on the hold transaction for the same property.
  • Franchise Units: 1100+ Franchises
  • Franchising Since: 1996
  • Headquarters: Dallas, TX

4. Morrison Plus Property Inspections

Morrison knows the importance of the inspection process as America’s foremost property inspection firm, and they strive to maintain the greatest level of competence in their field. Each house is unique, and our inspectors have the expertise and experience needed to conduct thorough inspections and provide a comprehensive report.

They take great delight in providing comprehensive inspections at Morrison Plus Property Inspections. They concentrate on the home’s primary systems, which include the roof, plumbing, electricity, attic, foundation, exteriors, grounds, pools/spas, and heating and air conditioning systems.

  • Initial Investment: $23,000 (Franchise fee)
  • Royalty Fees: 7.0%
  • Franchise Units: 9
  • Franchising Since: 2019
  • Headquarters: Glendora, CA

5. Grand Welcome

Grand Welcome is the premier full-service vacation rental management franchise in North America. Grand Welcome is a fast-growing vacation rental management company that provides full-service property management to vacation rental property owners and their visitors.

You won’t have to worry about revenue management, marketing, backend support, reservations, technology, optional customer service, staffing, or accounting because they provide a readymade franchise opportunity.

  • Initial Investment: $45,000 (Tier 1 Franchise fee)
  • Royalty Fees: 7%
  • Franchise Units: 12
  • Franchising Since: 2019
  • Headquarters: Torrance, CA

6. Property Management Inc.

Property Management Inc. is the only four-pillar real estate asset management company that provides a comprehensive range of services. They provide franchisees with the opportunity to develop and expand in the areas of association, residential, commercial, and short-term rental property management. PMI was established in 2008 and now has over 325 franchisees.

Low startup costs and income opportunities in underserved property management markets help PMI franchisees succeed. PMI may be the right franchise for you if you want to own a recession-resistant firm with tried-and-true procedures, advanced technologies, and professional training and support.

  • Initial Investment: $40,000 (Franchise fee)
  • Royalty Fees: 1.0%
  • Franchise Units: 325
  • Franchising Since: 2009
  • Headquarters: Lehi, UT

7. National Property Inspections

National Property Inspections, Inc. is the leading home and commercial inspection franchise in North America. NPI is the first property inspection franchise that offers commercial inspection training and really exclusive territory with no catch or hidden costs, having been founded in 1987.

NPI is a globally renowned brand with an established track record, with over 30 years of expertise and hundreds of profitable franchises across the United States and Canada. Their turn-key franchise system provides you with all of the tools, training, and support you’ll need to succeed in the property inspection business.

  • Initial Investment: $34,900 (Franchise fee)
  • Royalty Fees: 8%
  • Franchise Units: 240
  • Franchising Since: 1987
  • Headquarters: Omaha, NE

What’s the most profitable type of franchise to own?

In reality, there are many franchising businesses out there that are very much profitable in the entrepreneurship landscape. However, choosing which franchise to own that’ll turn a considerable profit would depend on certain factors.

One of the easiest approaches to predict a franchise’s future profitability is to review Item 19 of the franchise disclosure document (FDD), which details the firm’s financial position. It’s a wise idea to get the advice of an accountant or lawyer who can assist you in crunching the figures. Generating revenue, of course, also means avoiding debt, so only choose businesses whose initial start-up price and initial capital investments are feasible for your present financial standing; this, too, must be discussed with your attorney or accountant.

If we’re speaking of just what franchises are profitable, the easy answer would be the known giants of the fast food and services industry. Still, this would all depend on many factors to consider like location, local market, your financial standing, among others. Let’s say you have a huge pile of cash reserves and money is not an issue, here are some examples of the most profitable franchises out there.

McDonald’s. There’s definitely an element of brand awareness, and it’d be difficult to find a franchise (or, for that matter, any firm) with much more than McDonald’s. Operating a McDonald’s franchise ensures a huge following, which is essential for making money. Even so, purchasing a McDonald’s franchise demands a sizable upfront investment, so if you just have limited access to franchise capital, this isn’t really a viable option.

Dunkin’. Another giant in the quick-serve restaurant industry. Dunkin’ operators likewise benefit from widespread brand awareness, which is particularly strong in the Northeast, at which the donut store is regarded as a cultural symbol. Operators may also make use of Dunkin’s strong franchisee network of support, which is similar to McDonald’s. Buying a Dunkin’ franchise, like buying a McDonald’s franchise, demands a significant upfront expenditure. Applicants would have to have a minimum of $250,000 in liquid assets and a $500,000 net worth per unit, however, these figures vary based on where you’re located.

Anytime Fitness. One of the franchise businesses that does not fall under the fast-food industry. Anytime Fitness’ distinctive business model is that its facilities are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, as the name indicates. The overwhelming availability of their services increases each franchise location’s earning potential, and the corporation claims that one new member joins every minute, demonstrating their massive, and increasing, market.

Ace Hardware. Prospective franchisees can choose from three options: build a new Ace Hardware shop, convert their present site into an Ace Hardware, or open an Ace Hardware Grocery, which turns previously underutilized space within existing grocery stores into an Ace Hardware “store-within-a-store.” Because of the company’s training and marketing support, name recognition, nationwide presence (they have shops in all 50 states), and solid supply network, new Ace Hardware sites and conversions have plenty of chance to earn a profit. They also don’t charge monthly royalties, which eliminates a big monthly expenditure that almost every other franchise requires.

Franchising a business is one of the ways you can embark on entrepreneurship. A franchise is a business in which the owner or franchisor, licenses his or her operations—as well as its goods, marketing, and expertise in return for a fee. The franchisor is the company that issues franchisees with licenses, and in return, allows the franchisee to sell goods or services under the franchisor’s name.

But why do companies offer their businesses up for franchising? A company may franchise its product and brand name if it wishes to expand its market share or geographical reach at a reasonable cost. A franchisor and a franchisee form a partnership. The initial business is known as the franchisor. It licenses the use of its name and concept. The franchisee purchases the right to sell the franchisor’s goods or services using the franchisor’s brand and business model.

Can I start a franchise without any experience?

Anyone with the proper capital and a little bit of assistance from a resource person can start a business for less than the cost of joining a franchise business. A franchise provides you the convenience of already having a proper business model compared to a startup business.

Here are the specific questions I’d find out about any franchise opportunity before submitting a franchise application. You can open a franchise without experience in the industry, but you’ll want to conduct much deeper due diligence to understand the strengths and weaknesses of a particular business.