Confidence isn’t something a food truck owners either have or don’t. It’s a dynamic emotion that, like a your muscles. They need exercise to grow stronger and the only way you can strengthen your confidence requires that you give it continuous attention. On those days you find yourself questioning your abilities in certain situations such as…

  • Do you have the courage to talk to your employees about mistakes you’ve (or they) have made?
  • Does the company have the finances to pay the bills next week?
  • Do you have the strength to work as many hours as it takes?

There are days when you feel confident, and then there are other days when you feel as if something is just missing. Those days can question your confidence, happiness and everything you thought you knew about yourself because you give them that power. You allow outside sources to take over what you already know internally.

“Low self-esteem is like driving through life with your hand brake on.” – Maxwell Maltz

Strengthening your confidence is going to be key to getting you through those days successfully. Here are two ways to build and strengthen your confidence…

2 Steps To Help Strengthen Your Confidence

Take inventory of your past

It’s easy to doubt yourself and your abilities. But if you look at your track record, chances are that your successes outweigh your failures. And, more importantly, you likely survived your missteps and gleaned lessons along the way.

Focus on strengths

Most food truck vendors are very strong in a few competencies, average in the majority, and weak in a few. Concentrate on leveraging what you’re best at. Then, manage your average and weak areas so they don’t detract from your effectiveness.

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The Bottom Line

A negative online review, a request for a refund can hit your self-confidence hard. Facts, focus, and faith in yourself each on their own may not get you to the finish line. But when you combine all three in an integrated way, you will almost always strengthen your confidence and this confidence will grow.

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