We all have a bad habit or two we could stand to lose, but habits are hard to break. Are you someone who is constantly checking email all day, insisting on being right, multitasking to the point of accomplishing nothing. Changing these bad habits is difficult. Even if you can go a few days on good behavior, it’s likely the bad habits will return. Here are two steps to achieving long-term behavior change and getting rid of bad habits for good.

How To Break Bad Habits In Two Simple Steps

  • Create useful fear. You know that bad habits are bad, but do you truly understand their impact on others and your food truck business? Picture what your employees will say if you continually show disrespect for others during meetings. Imagine that you may have your message ignored in future meetings. The fear will help you stop.
  • Find the reward. Stopping the behavior is the first step. Now you need to find a reason to not let it return. Enjoy the pleasure of being listened to and the message welcomed in a meeting. Discover how much more your employees will contribute and how much more you are appreciated. This reward will help you sustain the change.

What We Use: At Mobile Cuisine, we make a bad habit a little more painful in hopes to eliminate these habits. We understand that money is a great motivator, so we use the “swear jar” method each time we catch each other doing that thing we want to stop doing.

Forming better habits takes time and effort, but breaking established bad habits may be even harder. So be patient with yourself and instead of making dramatic adjustments, try focusing on one habit at a time and determine the smallest steps you can take to make sure you really do break it.

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