Instead of looking for winning strategies outside of your food truck’s walls, outperform your competitors (restaurants and other food trucks) by leveraging what you do best. Use your mobile food truck capabilities (the staff, knowledge, systems, tools, and processes that create value for customers) as the foundation of competitive advantage.

How To Focus On Your Food Truck Capabilities

Here are three ways to make your capabilities work.

  • Put food truck capabilities first. Don’t decide on a strategic direction and then wonder what you need to get there. Look at your core strengths and let those drive your strategy.
  • Identify differentiating food truck capabilities. Figure out what your food truck does uniquely well, what your customers value, and what your competitors can’t emulate.
  • Focus on food truck capabilities, not just fixed assets. Fixed assets tend to expire or become obsolete. Capabilities help keep your business fluid because they can be applied to changing circumstances.

If you want to take this to another level, you can add additional questions on top of these.

  • Are we using the strengths and talents of our current employees in the best way?
  • Does our company culture encourage employees to contribute based on their strengths?
  • What roles might need to change to better leverage strengths?

By using these simple questions, you can not only help your employees become more engaged, but you can focus on what you are best at at all levels of your food truck organization.

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The Bottom Line

Have you ever noticed that when you engage in activities in which you are talented in, you feel energized, excited and optimistic? That’s a sign that these are the things you should be focusing on. Your job is to find out what makes your team energized to perfect it.

Discover your food truck’s expertise and practice, practice, practice. Hone your team’s natural abilities to perfect them. Then concentrate on your strengths, not your weaknesses. There are only two steps to success in business: Discover your capabilities and perfect them. Doing this will allow you to receive the success your food truck business deserves.

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