A good idea is a valuable asset, and a lot of good ideas are a treasure trove. But what do you do with those ideas? As a food truck owner it’s easy to get over excited when you have good food truck ideas.

When you have an idea that you believe in, it’s easy to assume that getting your staff to agree with it’s brilliance will be easy. If you see how great the idea is, why wouldn’t everyone else? Although you own your mobile food business, don’t assume that just because you’ve got a great idea that others will see it that way. You need to convince them to get everyone on board.

How To Get Your Team To Accept Your Food Truck Ideas

The basic psychology behind how decisions are made is based on emotion. Studies have shown that 90% of decisions are made emotionally, at that point logic is used to justify these decisions. So, how can you use this basic understanding to help get your ideas across? Keep emotion as your primary focus when communicating your food truck ideas.

  • Focus on the team’s emotional state. You know this intuitively and that’s why most of us share our ideas when others are in a good mood.
  • Elevate the team’s emotional state. Show them that you care. Ask them how their day is going and if there is something in particular that they’re concerned about. Maybe you could help?
  • Introduce your idea as a way of avoiding future pain. Demonstrate how your idea has the ability to avoid some potential pain that you are currently headed toward. Your idea is a contrast to the pain that will result in doing nothing.
  • Show them the way. Provide them with a specific course of action that shows how to get from where you are to where you want to be. Don’t just offer up your food truck ideas as a desirable destination. Show them the map and the pathway to get there.
  • Briefly explain the benefits of following through with implementation. Don’t spend too much time explaining the benefits. This may cause them to believe that you are trying too hard (to sell yourself on the idea) and will feel that you lack confidence. You’ll be adding a feeling of doubt and thereby undermining your efforts.

What To Avoid When Pitching Your Food Truck Idea

But in your enthusiasm, reverse course if other people don’t immediately support your thinking. Don’t let your impatience hurt your cause. Avoid these two things when pitching your food truck idea to a skeptical group:

  • Making it biased. Don’t try to scare people into listening by painting the worst-case scenario. Be fair and balanced when presenting the various options.
  • Offering your uninvited opinion. Your food truck partners or staff will tune you out if you launch into a tirade about why you’re right. Wait until it’s time to weigh in and try to positively engage the audience, not alienate them.

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The Bottom Line

There are no guarantees in life, but following these tips will certainly improve your odds at being heard and getting your food truck ideas accepted.

How do you get your food truck ideas accepted by your team? Share your thoughts on this topic in the comment section or social media. Facebook | Twitter