Setting goals and sticking to them is important to every food truck business. But from time to time, as a vendor, you should reevaluate your goals. In order for goals to be useful, they need to be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable and Result-oriented. While I never like to suggest that someone quit on a goal, there will be some times that it is necessary. The key is to know when to abandon goals, today I’ll share a couple of things to look out for.

Warning signs that it might be time to abandon goals you’ve set 

Look to see if you have these warning signs. You might determine that some of the goals you want to pursue don’t actually align with your priorities. Don’t be afraid to abandon goals as this can free up time and energy so that you can work on the goals that do matter.

Your goal is delusional, not ambitious.

An effective goal should put you in the discomfort zone. This way you experience a little fear, uncertainty, or even doubt. When you wonder if you have what it takes, that’s where growth takes place. But delusional goals ignore limitations and factors that you don’t have power over.

If you have a goal that is delusional you may want to abandon this goal, and re-frame it so that your objective is something that doesn’t rely on external factors.

Your goals have unwanted consequences.

If you’ve committed to exercising every morning but find that you’re too tired to be productive in the kitchen or on the truck the rest of the day, something needs to change. In cases like this, adjust the goal itself or at least how you go actually achieve it. 

Your goals prevent you from completing other objectives. 

Most people set several goals for themselves or their business. If one goal prevents you from reaching another one, you must prioritize each to determine which is more important.

Abandon goals if you gain nothing by achieving it, if your motives aren’t right, if you are  not vested in it, or if pursuing it causes more harm (physical, emotional, or  psychological) than good to you or others.

In other words, don’t be afraid to abandon your goals when they begin to overwhelm you. Seek to define goals that are in accordance with what you find valuable in your own life, and food truck business. You’ll end up finding yourself with a lot more motivation to succeed without the chance of feeling overwhelmed with too many goals to achieve.

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The Bottom Line

Knowing when to abandon goals and when to refine them can make a huge difference in the success of your food truck business.

How do you determine if it’s time to abandon goals for you and your food truck business? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic. You can share your ideas in the comment section, our food truck forum or social media. Facebook | Twitter