You are capable of anything. It may sound unbelievable, but when you affirm that you’re made for abundance (and take action toward a goal), you’ll be surprised at the many ways you can transform the current situation. 

The fact is your mindset can make or break you. Do you have a scarcity mindset? You’ll see limited options. See limitless options ahead of you? You’ll see a world of opportunity. Living your best life is a conscious decision. You must train your brain to focus on thoughts that bring abundance and this list of affirmations will help you do just that. 

Abundance Affirmations

Say these affirmations about abundance. The universe will hear your calls. 

  • I effortlessly have whatever I desire.
  • I am successful from the moment I wake up.
  • My brilliance creates life-changing ideas that greatly impact my environment.
  • I find success in whatever I put my mind to.
  • My hands never run out of money.
  • Happiness will always find me wherever I go.
  • Whatever I do, I make a difference.
  • My failure brings me a step closer to success.
  • I am blessed every day.
  • My smile can take away my sadness.
  • I have the wisdom to surpass whatever challenges come my way.
  • I always have something to give. 
  • My pocket is full of blessings.
  • I have infinite possibilities for success.
  • I am capable of proving myself worthy of any opportunity that knocks on my door.
  • My dreams chase me down the path where I wander.
  • The Universe brings the best opportunities to me.
  • My kindness creates miracles.
  • No fear can stop me from doing what I love.
  • I rise above failure and criticism.
  • I am always motivated to excel in whatever I do. 
  • Failure can’t bring me down because I am bound to succeed.

Abundance Affirmations for Women

You can do it, girl!

Still don’t have an idea for your mantra? May this list empower all passion driven women. 

  • My business ideas are revolutionary.
  • I am consistent and committed to my endeavors.
  • My mind is sound, and so is my heart.
  • My business presentation can convince any potential client to work with me.
  • I am bound to become a better person every day.
  • My heart is strong enough to withstand any failure that leads me to success.
  • I am a punctual staff who never misses a deadline.
  • I have all the time in the world to pursue my passion.
  • I enjoy my career as much as I enjoy my life.
  • I am overflowing with grace and abundance daily.
  • I do my best even when I am at rest.
  • I am beyond my potential.
  • I listen, I follow, I lead.
  • I conquer whatever battle I have to face in life.
  • My presence itself is an asset to my company.
  • I make great contributions with my brilliance. 
  • I work with the right people who always push me to grow.
  • I am an empowered woman who can run the world.
  • I  am the lovechild of beauty and intelligence.
  • My divine femininity makes me a goddess worth worshipping.
  • I define myself with the greatness I’m born with.
  • I celebrate the blessings that come with being a woman. 

Abundance Affirmations for Men

My goal is 100% ROI.

These abundance affirmations were made for men.

  • Whatever I decide, the odds favor my side.
  • My mind is the blueprint of greatness.
  • I am the backbone of success.
  • I am empowered for a reason to inspire my fellow women.
  • As a great provider, I draw abundance on my palm and guard it with my wisdom.
  • I am a formidable pillar who embodies strength in times of weakness.
  • The Universe submits to my desires.
  • I am a symbol of abundance and success.
  • My revolutionary ideas change the world for the better.
  • I am a cradle of opportunities. My life is overflowing with blessings.
  • Greatness defines who I am.

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  • I am an exceptional asset who brings the greatest value to the company.
  • I can multiply whatever lands on my hands.
  • I am a king who leads my life with unparalleled wisdom.
  • Whichever path I take, I lead myself to greatness.
  • I am capable of turning a village into an empire.
  • I am respected as much as I respect myself.
  • My value brings more value to the people who surround me.
  • I attract abundance with my thoughts.
  • I have the courage to fight for whatever I desire.
  • My career grows exponentially over time.

Affirmations for Abundance and Prosperity

If you believe you can prosper in life, you will! 

  • I reap prosperity in whatever I sow.
  • I am a blueprint of abundance. 
  • Like a river, I flow with blessings every day.
  • I farm opportunities wherever I go.
  • Bills and dimes only rhyme when they stay together on my palm.
  • Abundance knows its way to my home.
  • The sun shines solely for me every day.
  • I am living the reality of my dream.
  • I am gifted with greatness and brilliance.
  • I have a home wherever I go.
  • Everything goes well according to my plan.
  • I have an impressive credit score.
  • I exude richness in character and economic well-being.
  • I live with financial freedom. 
  • My wisdom manifests in the abundance of my lifestyle.
  • I am blessed to have people who help me grow in my career.
  • I am an inspiration to my fellow youth who aspires to taste financial freedom.
  • I am capable of building an empire.
  • I am nurtured and blessed by the Universe.
  • My dreams are manifested in my reality.
  • My sincerity attracts prosperity above all else.

 Affirmations for Abundance and Love

You deserve a love that will never let you question your worth.

You deserve all the love in the world. The best place to start is self love. 

  • I only meet people who have the genuine desire to love me.
  • I deserve a love that doesn’t fade yet grows every day.
  • Everyone who loves me is consistent.
  • I attract people who have a sense of commitment and great values.
  • People love me as much as I love myself.
  • I am experiencing the love that brings out the best in me.
  • I am capable of creating a world where love fosters along with abundance.
  • Love always resides in my heart.
  • I am at peace because I am loved and wealthy.
  • Love chases me wherever I go.
  • I am loved how I want to be loved.
  • I give the love that inspires people to become better.
  • I only welcome genuine love and prosperity.
  • I know my worth, and I deserve nothing less than abundance and sincerity.
  • Love rests where my heart beats.
  • I am a source of love and prosperity.
  • I am abundant with happiness and genuine love.
  • I wake up to the warmth of a cozy home and a loving family.
  • I have everything I need with the love that’s meant for me.
  • I am born to give the love that overflows from my heart.
  • I bloom with prosperity and happiness because I am well-loved and blessed.
  • I am as beautiful as the love I have to give.
  • I am never less because I love and I bless.

Abundance Affirmations Before Sleep

Let your body and mind relax as you whisper these affirmations.

  • Tomorrow is another day. Today, my doubts and fears slip away.
  • My dream is alive. I live with my dreams.
  • My past is my present. The present is my future.
  • I am blessed today. My blessings await tomorrow.
  • Even in my sleep, I have happiness and love to keep.
  • My mind is at ease. My mind is at peace. I am safe when I sleep. I am sound when I dream.
  • The day is seized; I can sleep with ease.
  • I trust the process. I’m on my way to success.
  • I lay in bed with peace and happiness in my head.
  • My dreams are awake even when I’m asleep.
  • I deserve to rest after a long day of working hard.
  • My body submits itself to the comforting arms of the Universe.
  • The moment my eyes close, my heart heals itself to sleep.
  • I find healing. I find peace. I find dreams that comfort me.
  • When my eyes are closed, I have peace to find.
  • I deserve to rest for doing my best.
  • My dream manifests the life I want to live.
  • I have forgiven myself for the mistakes I made today. I surrender my fear and doubts to the Universe.
  • Tomorrow, I’m recharged for another day of thriving.
  • I am safe from nightmares and heartbreaking thoughts.
  • Tonight, my mind will rest from being restless.

Morning Abundance Affirmations

Wake up with meaning and a mission.

  • The Universe wakes me up with infinite abundance.
  • Today is the happiest day of my life.
  • I am ready to embrace my first blessing today.
  • I welcome the best opportunity that knocks on my door.
  • Great news awaits me today.
  • The Universe prepares me for a greater feat.
  • I inspire people to dream more.
  • I am commended for my great dedication and hard work.
  • My lips will curve only for a smile. 
  • I deserve happiness more than anything.
  • My presence brightens up someone’s day.

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  • I am a reason for someone’s smile.
  • I am proud of every milestone that I have achieved today.
  • I am completely focused on my goals.
  • I am motivated to thrive and achieve more in life.
  • I am healthy in every aspect of my life.
  • I am actively reaching my goals.
  • I am filled with love and happiness.
  • My soul is fulfilled. My mind is relieved. My heart beats with genuine love and peace.
  • I am making a difference.
  • I am a survivor born with courage and strength.

How do you write your own abundance affirmation?

Journaling affirmations of abundance in life.

The rule in writing an affirmation is simple: keep it personal and concise. Then repeat. There are two types of affirmations you can recite depending on your personality. 

  • Mantra –  Mantra is a short encouraging statement that you can repeat throughout the day until you truly believe your thoughts are your reality. Mantras usually start with “I”. It is written in the present tense, so your brain will be convinced that you have already achieved something, even if that’s not the case yet. Describe your action with an adverb representing how you would feel when your goal is finally achieved. For example,  I am confidently living my dream.

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  • Goal Affirmations –  Goals are more specific. It’s also longer than a mantra because you must state how you want your vision to happen so you can manifest it in your life. Start with an “I” and instead of using the simple present tense, write it in the present progressive tense so it will sound like it’s actually happening right now. To make it easier, follow this formula: “I” + how you feel + your action + the details of your action = your goal affirmation. For example, I am so thrilled and blessed that I am effortlessly hosting my first art exhibit in October 2022.

What are some ways you can create more abundance in your life? 

A cup of coffee and writing down affirmations to start the day right.

Abundance manifest itself in all sorts of ways through affirmations. When you consciously decide to look on the bright side of life, blessings and opportunities seem to come. Here are some ways to do that.

  • Surround Yourself with others That Have an Abundance Mindset –  These people only speak words of milestones, resilience, passion, and all the positive thoughts that will bring out the best in you. They will support your dreams and encourage you to keep thriving until you succeed. If you’re going to be in a circle of friends, choose people that lift you up. 
  • Do What You Love – When you’re actively involved in work that you enjoy, you perform better. You’ll also work harder to get better. This translates into more opportunities and success. 
  • Be Grateful –  Being grateful lets you be contented in life without making you feel guilty for wanting more. Appreciating what you have is a key to happiness. Working on what you want to have will make you wiser and happier. When you’re grateful, you see failure as a learning opportunity and a small step toward success. 

Indeed, you are the master of your life. I hope these affirmations will help you develop an abundant mindset that will help you unlock your potential to succeed. I’m rooting for you.