, bing a food truck boss is a tough job, especially when you need to counter the natural tendencies that separate you from the people you have hired and manage. Knowing what the traits of a bad food truck boss are can help mobile food vendors avoid them.

Top Three Traits Of A Bad Food Truck Boss

Check out the top three traits of a bad food truck boss and try your best to avoid them.


This isn’t just a problem with bosses. The majority of people estimate their skills to be higher than they are in reality. Be aware that you might be self-aggrandizing and find ways to get input and evaluations that show you what your true skills are.

Heedless of subordinates

A food truck boss is in a position of power and are watched carefully by those under them, but that level of attention is often not reciprocated. Don’t forget to remain curious about and engaged with your employees, when you start staffing your food truck.

Insulated from reality

No one wants to deliver bad news to the boss, so the food truck boss often doesn’t know the full story. Create a culture within your mobile food business in which the messenger isn’t shot, but lauded for bringing important information forward.

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The Bottom Line

We hope that by pointing these traits out, food truck owners are able to try to stop them. Successful food trucks need to have staff members that place their trust into the ownership. Without your team on board, it’s easy to see a food truck fail. No matter how good the food and service you provide , without your team your business is at risk.

So do you have any of these three traits of a boss? Are you willing to change? Or are you someone that realized your were a bad food truck boss and have made changes to correct those issues? If you’ve made changes, we’d love to hear about them. Share your thoughts on this topic in the comment section, our food truck forum or social media. Twitter | Facebook