Afraid of new hires, especially those that will be temporary food truck employees during your busy months? Get a grip. What might scare you is their numerous questions or ideas about your food truck business but don’t take their questions the wrong way.

Maximize The Time With Your Temporary Food Truck Employees

Take advantage (not in a bad way) of your temporary food truck employees. Keep your ears open to ways you could improve your food truck business with these easy steps.

Don’t be embarrassed, let them help

Bringing in a new hire can be like opening your house to a stranger. Some of the clutter and improvements you’ve been putting off are now front of mind and part of someone’s learning environment.  If there are things you haven’t had the time to finish, let them jump in and help out. Fresh energy and a new perspective can take that misused storage space in your truck or kitchen from a crazy mess to an organized masterpiece.

Don’t shut down ideas

It’s easy to get comfortable in a routine and not want to change. But having a fresh set of eyes to evaluate your work flow or systems can give you the extra push you need to go from good to great. If your new employee comes in with a new idea to promote your truck or to help your customers, try it out. If it doesn’t work, thank them for their idea and tell them to keep it up. Feeling encouraged will keep them thinking about your mobile food business as a whole and not just about clocking out.

Make sure you get to know them

Starting a new job can be scary for them as much as it is for you and your other staff members. Make sure your new hire feels welcome. If they have questions or ideas they don’t feel comfortable bringing up to you, they can share with a co-worker first to get their opinion and gain a little confidence before sharing with the team.

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The Bottom Line

New or temporary hires can be a great resource for your food truck business. Invite them in and welcome their ideas to make for a beautiful summer. Share your thoughts on this topic in the comment section, our food truck forum or social media. Facebook | Twitter

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