If you’ve found the perfect candidate for that open position in your food truck operation, you need to make a job offer in a way that encourages that person to accept it. Don’t take a chance on losing them. If that happens you’ll end up hiring the second best candidate or even worse, have to start all over.

Of course, the specifics of the job will matter to the applicant, but so will your attitude and approach when making that job offer. Food truck owners should make an effort to provide the candidate with as many details about the job as possible, thus giving them a complete picture of its responsibilities and of the workplace. Also make sure that the candidate has a complete understanding of the job’s benefits; making things clear can reduce the potential for surprises later on.

The next step is to make sure to move quickly. This is important in today’s food truck industry where the labor market is tight. Get rid of any hiring procedures that can slow down the process. It is important for you to remember that you are competing for candidates and that every extra day may mean that they fall further behind.

How To Give A Job Offer That Is Easy To Accept

  • The initial offer should be made via Phone. This allows the candidate’s level of enthusiasm to be more easily detected, whereas this may not be so with an email or a letter. A phone call may also be useful for you to show your own interest and excitement. If the candidate says yes, then send them an offer letter. If you don;t get through to the candidate immediately, do not give the offer in a voicemail.
  • Make it personal. Be specific about why you chose them and what you believe they have to offer your mobile food business. Recall details from the interview process. Remember, the employer/employee relationship doesn’t start the first day on the job. It officially starts with the job offer. Make that moment memorable for the candidate.
  • Listen. Gently ask questions about the status of the candidate’s concerns (these likely came up in the interview), the timing of their decision, and other positions they may be considering.
  • Ask them if they are interested. If you can’t get a good read on the candidate’s level of interest, and just want to make absolutely sure the candidate will show up on their first day, ask this question: “I interviewed other candidates for this job.  Can I tell them the job has been filled?” Few people will lie about their intentions, especially when lying might affect another person that really wanted the job.

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The Bottom Line

To those vendors with no hiring experience, a job offer may seem to be the easy part of the hiring process. It may appear that you have to do is offer pay and benefits to the candidate and leave it at that. This is not actually the case; a job offer is a crucial part of an food truck owners job and making one can be a stressful and demanding process, especially when dealing with great candidates. A lot rests on it and therefore it is important that food truck vendors understand its value and approach the process carefully.

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