Passionate employees produce better results. The best way to spark employee work passion in your food truck staff is to demonstrate your own passion. Just remember you don’t have to be a cheerleader.

A job is a lot like a relationship. It’s fun and exciting at first, but after a while, the passion just fades away. When vendors neglect to add extra kindling to the fire, they risk having their employees become overwhelmed, exhausted, bored, and can ultimately invite turnover into their mobile food business.

Instill Employee Work Passion In Your Food Truck Staff

Signs Of Fading Work Passion

Before employee work passion fades, keep an eye out for the telltale signs of trouble:

  • Fear of making mistakes. If your employees are more concerned about the consequences of making a mistake than taking the risk then failing and learning from their failure, you have a problem.
  • Information is exclusive. A clear sign of trouble in the truck emerges when essential information becomes exclusive to a small group of employees, particularly key information such as company objectives, performance and financial results, etc.
  • Employees don’t help each other. Look closely at how your employees interact with each others. Employees who aren’t invested in your organization’s future usually won’t go out of their way to give any help to their co-workers.

3 Ways To Instill Employee Work Passion:

  • Focus on the positive. Employees know when a leader truly cares about a company. Passionate mobile food vendors can’t help but talk about what’s working well and try to find ways to fix what isn’t.
  • Don’t ignore the negative. Passionate food truck business owners aren’t all about sunny skies — they address negatives in a realistic way and help people solve problems.
  • Set high expectations. This doesn’t mean unattainable workloads. Passionate mobile food vendors should inspire and challenge people to do their best, without overloading them.

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The Bottom Line

Many food trucks emphasize their commitment to customers and to creating the ultimate customer experience. Some have a vision of outperforming competitors. Food trucks that have these goals at the forefront must not take their own employees for granted. They must realize that employees are often at the heart of differentiation in the food service industry. Trucks with high levels of employee work passion have employees that have real interest in their work and take an active role in the organization and contribute to the differentiating experiences for customers.

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