One of the hardest things to do as a mobile food vendor is firing a food truck employee. It’s a very difficult task, knowing how this termination affects a person’s career, self-esteem, and livelihood. Firing a food truck employee also affects everyone else on your team. Not only can it change work assignments, but it also makes people wonder about your judgment as an owner and their own job security.

Given these emotional issues, many vendors let anxiety drive the firing process instead of intellect, making a difficult moment even worse. Today we’ll share three tips for handling this tough situation.

Minimizing The Impact of Firing A Food Truck Employee

  • Bring answers. When a person is let go, they are likely to have a lot of questions and concerns. Come prepared to address their questions, such as when their last day is, how their peers will be notified, etc.
  • Listen, don’t react. Losing a job can be traumatic. Don’t get caught up in responding to your employee’s emotions. Listen with respect. Offer to talk again later when the emotions are not so raw.
  • Talk to your team. Firing a food truck employee impacts everyone on your team. Not only does it change work assignments, but people might also wonder about their own job security. Share what information you can to reassure the people left behind.

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The Bottom Line

Firing a food truck employee is one of the most difficult and painful tasks you’ll ever have to do; and for most of us it never gets easier. Unfortunately, avoiding the anxiety associated with firing a food truck employee only makes things worse. So if you have to do it, make sure you do it right.

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