Most food truck job ads don’t usually get their desired response which can leave a vendor feeling frustrated. They end up with inferior candidates or even worse, a continued need to fill a job opening. Unfortunately, most ads I have read over the years follow the same old style of food truck job ad format that make the business sound desperate, not attractive.

Ads like these just don’t attract the skill, experience or character a food truck owner want, because they’re not offering what is valued by applicants.

When you’re recruiting, it’s essential to have a marketing mindset or in other words; create an attractive employment offer and sell it. Remember that job packages aren’t just for white collar executives – they can be anything you put together that’s more than just the money.

Using A Proper Food Truck Job Ad Format

Here’s a food truck job ad format for creating your next that will get a you much stronger response:

Are you looking for: what candidates want 1, what candidates want 2, what candidates want 3? We’re looking or people who: what you want 1, what you want 2, what you want 3. Notice how this ad is structured?

It has two simple parts. The first come the benefits that will appeal to strong candidates and the second part is what your requirements are.

Examples using this food truck job ad format:

Kitchen Staff Example

Are you looking for great pay, flexible hours, a modern kitchen and friendly workplace? We’re looking for people with at least 3 years experience in a busy kitchen, a positive attitude, transportation to and from work and able to work at least 30 hours per week. Call us at 555-1212

Service Staff Example

Are you looking to join one of the fastest growing segments of the food service industry? We’re looking for for someone with recent hospitality experience, great energy, a happy smile and ready to work 30+ hours per week. Call us at 555-1212

The message put out in these examples makes the candidates wants the first priority, but doesn’t leave out the needs of your food truck business.

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The Bottom Line

With this food truck job ad format you can now sell all the benefits of working with you. Do it on your website, the local newspaper or even with Mobile Cuisine.

Share your additional suggestions for building a great food truck ad format in the comment section, our food truck forum or social media. Twitter | Facebook