Many of the food trucks owners I have spoken with lately have told me they are planning to start bulking up their staff even though winter is right around the corner. Their reasoning is simple. During the colder months, food trucks in cold climates turn their business models away from daily city parking and more catering. This fact leads them to more work in the kitchen and usually more needs for front of house personnel than they use at daily stops. Their plan? Use online job posting to fill their food truck staffing needs.

Food Truck Online Job Postings: Finding New Employees

If your food truck is getting ready to start hiring, chances are that your best candidates are searching for food truck jobs on the web. You are going to need to create an online job posting. The key is that it must lead to qualified candidates submitting their resumes. So getting your writers hat on and remember the basics of writing any effective online job posting,

Give a clear description of the position and its requirements, and explain your food truck’s mission and its culture. If you don’t explain these, you may miss out on the candidates that fit best with your existing team.

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Keep in mind the way online job searches work, and write your posting so that your ideal candidates will easily find it. Here’s how.

Make Your Online Job Posting Searchable With SEO

As with everything you write for the web, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is key for your food truck’s online job posting.  The key factors in SEO you need to know:

Use keywords. Find out what keywords your ideal candidates are using to find jobs like the one you’re hiring for, and use those keywords often as you write your posting. The free, online Google Adwords Keyword Tool will tell you which search terms are used most. Be sure to also include the city where your job is located and a descriptive job title.

Use headings and boldface. Search engines pay a little more attention to the words that appear in “Heading” styles. Boldface is also rated higher than standard text. Use your top keywords in headings, and bold a few (four to five) keywords you’d like to focus on.

Write for humans. Don’t over fill your online job posting with keywords. Just keep them in mind as you write a clear, readable  ad.

Post Where Food Truck Candidates Are

Besides posting with the typical job sites like Indeed or LinkedIn, be sure to post in the online places where your ideal candidates will be looking:

  • Food truck web site. Job seekers who want to work for you will check your web site to see when jobs open up. If you don’t know where to include your online job posting, either create a jobs page, or write a blog post which includes the position you are looking to fill.
  • Social media channels: Candidates hope to work for you someday will most likely be watching your social media accounts. Share a description of the job you are filling along with a link to your website with full details.
  • Job boards specific to the food truck industry. Since you are already here, we know you read Mobile Cuisine, but were you aware that we have created a job board specific to food truck job postings? If not, take a few minutes to head over to Food Truck Jobs and check it out. We have thousands of qualified candidates who read Mobile Cuisine, why not tap into this resource we’ve created for you?

The Bottom Line

When it comes to your food truck recruitment plans, you’re making a mistake to leave online job postings off the table. Try to remember that online job postings aren’t just a reliable staple for finding candidates. They are a key part of the job search for people actively or passively looking for a new food truck job right now.

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