As a food truck owner, you will encounter different types of people just exactly as in your everyday life. Many of them will make promises, endless business promises and you will discover that they can barely keep any of them. It is common wisdom that tells us that failure is inevitable, especially when you run a mobile business based on culinary innovation. Before you can forgive failure, you need to figure out what failure really is.

Dictating to your staff that failure is not an option might be useful on occasion for inspiring exceptional effort, it sends a dangerously wrong signal.

If you want the people you employ in your food truck to take risks and try new things, failure must be an option for them. Unfortunately few organizations have actually created cultures within their mobile food business that accept missteps

To show your support for failure, encourage your food truck staff to make the most of their blunders. Try adopting a “forgive but not forget” approach. Forgive honest mistakes, but make sure your truck employees learn from past failures so they don’t repeat them.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to employee relationships, forgiveness is an integral part of building deeper bonds and of showing acceptance.