As a food truck owner, it can be stressful when an employee asks,”Can I have a raise?”, especially if there is no company policy concerning this issue. But answering a difficult compensation question doesn’t have to be a headache.

3 Steps To Take When Food Truck Employees Ask, “Can I have a raise?”

  • Don’t answer immediately. Thank the person for bringing up the issue and then promise to get back with an answer by a specified date. This allows you time to fully investigate the request and how it will affect your food truck business.
  • Fairly assess the situation. The amount of money an individual is paid is a function of two things: the value of the job itself and the person’s quality of performance. Examine both.
  • Go back. During a second conversation, ask the individual to explain both how they might enhance their performance and how they can make their position more valuable to your food truck organization. Base your final decision on this input combined with your assessment.

For those of you that are food truck employees here is a tip to help you get that raise you want, need or deserve…

Pick the right time

Depending on your boss’s personality, a big part of their decision may be based on your timing. You should request a meeting to discuss your recent work, and you can bring up your request at the meeting. Do not simply ask in an email or spring the question “Can I have a raise?” on your boss during a meeting that is supposed to be about something else. You will also have a better chance of success if you time your request based on what you know about how the food truck business is doing financially.

Have you had an employee ask “Can I have a raise?” We’d love to hear how you approached this situation. You can share your thoughts via email, Facebook or Twitter.

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